They're here... finally!

Kurt's family didn't get into the airport till 3:00 am.  We didn't get to the hotel till 4:30 am.  Their flight was delayed five hours with a three hour layover making their total delay eight hours.  After sleeping only a couple of hours they thought it would be best to lay low and for the first full day and hang out at Turtle Bay, the hotel they were staying at and where Kurt works.

That night for dinner we had a barbecue at our house.  It was nice catching up with the family and having someone take our kids off of our hands.  Brody walked right up to Scott and put his arms out for him to pick him up.  It was so cute I had to take a picture.


theJorgies said...

this is my one comment on all the family posts:

huge turtle, scary eel, cute drew, mohawk?! brody, crazy delayed flight, congrats on graduating Kurt! - lots of leis, love Shark's Cove, Kailua's not that far and I have a minivan for two weeks so let's hang out (for real), family rocks, and love the hair pic at Pali lookout.

Jones Family said...

talk about a catching up blog, you did awesome, and fun to see you guys hit all the attractions on the island for your in laws, I am sure they loved it!

Erin and James said...

ahahah. is that first pic kurts mom?! seriously hillarious, my mom has apic like that also...so awkward! your family is soo cute!

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