Warm Weather Makes Us Happy

The other day Kurt's boss called in sick for work so we got our hubby, Daddy, and Kurt, which is what Brody calls him, to ourselves.  What did we do?  We spent our lovely day at Home Depot, deciding on what color's to paint the interior of our house.  It was actually really exciting!

The kids did really good.  I don't know how long we were there but I gave myself a big pat on the back on how good I did keeping the kids entertained.  We bought our paint and have yet to get started but keep an eye out for pictures.

On Saturday the weather was SO nice that we were able to take the kids to Discovery Park.  It's this amazing park in Cedar and unfortunately I don't have pictures of the really neat stuff.  But this is us at the park.

That morning for breakfast we took the kids to McDonald's and let them play in the play land area.  When Kurt was buttering the pancakes I noticed what the butter said and thought it was cool enough to take a picture.

I love my kids, Drew and Brody, but I love them even more when they're asleep.


A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

I haven't had a real post in a while so enjoy!

Our sweet little boy hasn't been so innocent lately.

We bought a table and chairs at a garage sale for $5 but the fabric was getting dirty fast. So we recovered them. SO much better!

Kurt and I had our Valentine's on Friday where we went to dinner and a movie. So on Saturday we had a family day.

This is on our way down to St. George.

After we did a lot of window shopping and eating at Kurt's favorite, Golden Corral, we ended the day at the St. George Temple. It was so nice.

The kids loved the visitors center where they got to push buttons and hear Jesus speak. And it must've made a lasting impression on Drew because the next morning she drew a picture of the temple with a sun over it. What do you think?

And lastly a picture with my HUGE belly. 33 weeks and 5 days. 9 months is really a long time!


To be or not to be? That is the questions.

We don't have cable and we don't get the newspaper so the only way we hear the news is on the internet.  We usually look up CNN and read the top headlines.  Well this article was not one of the top ten but definitely caught my eye.  It's about a women, mid 30's almost married, and how she and her "old man" are in no hurry to have kids now, or ever.  Not only is she in no hurry but they compare children to their dogs, would find it a pain in the butt to have to care for them, thinks pregnancy is disgusting, and she feels like parents have to say having a family is amazing.

Immediately after reading this article I wanted to slap her in the face... with some sense, but after some thought I realized that she probably shouldn't have any kids.  At least she's put a lot of thought into it, right?  Because there are some people who have kids just because they're "supposed to" and they turn out to be bad parents and should've never procreated in the first place.  On the other hand, from a moral perspective, we were commanded to multiply and replenish the earth.  Do you think that even though you may not want to be a parent you still should because it was commanded of us?

A little after Kurt and my two year anniversary we had a surprise pregnancy.  I was so upset I cried for a couple of days.  I was NOT ready to have a baby.  One day I woke up and accepted my pregnancy.  The next day I miscarried.  How ironic!  I had feelings of guilt, guilty that I caused the miscarriage for not wanting the baby and then feelings of betrayal, I guess is an okay word to describe it.  I felt like something was stolen from me and I wanted it back.  Three months after my miscarriage we purposefully got pregnant and nine months later had Drew.  I guess what I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't write something off unless you've tried it.  Geez, I wish I could write better.  I don't really know how you can try out your own biological children and be able to send them back if you don't like it, but it makes me so sad when people feel like children are parasites when they've never had any of their own.

These were my own experiences and opinions but I want to know what you think!

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