Has it really been four months?

Alia turned four months on the 19th but since we didn't go to the doctors till today here are her stats:
Length - 25.5 inches, 77%
Weight - 13 pounds, 22%
Head circumference - 8%

Hahaha! So pretty much she's really long, not too chubby with a tiny head. She can roll both ways, grab and hold on to toys, loves the snugglie, talks gibberish, and loves to stick her tongue out like a lizard.

I have to say she has been a great learning lesson/blessing for me. She taught me that things don't happen on my time but on the Lords time. I was TERRIFIED of having three kids all three and under. But of course the Lord wouldn't give me something I couldn't handle. Although there are some days where she's a lot more fussy than others, and I don't know what to do for her, the great days out weigh the hard days by a lot. I LOVE walking into our room to pick her up after she's woken up from a nap and she's so excited to see me. She has a huge toothless grin and kicks and flails her arms because that is the only way to show her excitement. I'm so grateful I pushed through those two, yes two, agonizing months of painful nursing so I can see her now, look up at me cross-eyed and grinning while trying to still eat. I LOVE that she has two older siblings that are close in age to her so they'll be able to know her better and stay in school with each other longer. I'm so thankful I stay home with my kids because I would much rather have them have memories of me than with some random person or relative. Even though I should probably be out there looking for a job along with Kurt I know he was meant to be jobless right now. Maybe to make our family grow stronger, to teach us humility, or maybe just to help out with our third child, I don't know but I'm grateful that we have been able to learn and grow as a family from this experience. I know I'm a much happier mom of a four month old because he's been here to help out. I now have no fear of more kids. It has become the more the merrier. I'm not about to go and get pregnant right now but I'm finally comfortable where we are and the rate things are going. And that's what this little girl has taught me. Thank you Alia!


Contest Giveaway

My sister Nikki, needs a fabulous name for this birdie. If you suggest a name and her family votes on yours, you get a custom made birdie.



We had THE coolest lightning show the other night. There was virtually no thunder and it went on forever!


I'm So Sick of Parades!

Last week we had our friends Ethan and Kayla over to play with us. The kids made bird feeders out of pine cones. First you put peanut butter on the pine cone.
Make sure you concentrate REALLY hard,
then you press bird food to the peanut butter and string it up. I haven't seen a bird eat from it yet but it was still a fun activity.
After the kids made kites.

Drew had her first soccer meeting last week where she got her uniform. She had to try it on as soon as we got home. When I played soccer I always wanted the number 6. But the smaller the number the smaller the jersey so I would always be stuck with number 2 or 3 because they didn't have a number 0 or 1. I was SO excited she didn't have number 2 or 3!

I always wanted one of these cars when I was little but they are too expensive. Our former next door neighbors had this broken down car that Kurt took and hooked up a car battery to. Now the kids have one that runs. They love it just as much as I think I would have loved one as a kid.

Friday was the 24th of July. What does that mean do you ask? Why, it's Pioneer Day in Utah! Yay!! So there was a parade. This is my Bishop in the blue shirt. He is a Junior High band teacher. Seriously he's an amazing Bishop!
What other kinds of things are in the Utah Pioneer Day parade? Jello of course!
and a castle made entirely up of food storage!

After the Parade we let the kids cool off in this water fountain area. It's like a mini Belagio.

And just for kicks, Alia's lower lip curl. It took me forever to get this picture but I love it!


Happy Birthday Drew!!

Last year for Drew's birthday we go her these polka dot shoes. She loves them so much, she started calling them her polkies.

One year later they look like this.

Drew turned four yesterday and I have to say it's about time. She has seemed four to me for a couple of months now.

This past week we got a package from Grandma Steph and in it was this cute Princess tote and a singing card for Drew. She immediately started stuffing as many toys in the bag as possible and was carrying every where she went.
Brody's having a tough time seeing his sister get all these presents. As you can see as I was taking this picture of Drew and her new camera, Brody thought he would tackle her.
She got a bike from Grandma Karla and riding it was all she wanted to do yesterday.
We went to Maggie Moo's for some ice cream to celebrate.
Then she said she wanted to play at the park. She was posing for the camera every time I went to take a picture. Some of the poses were not appropriate and I had to tell her to stop. I have no idea where she gets this!
The kids ran off into the fields and found a good old mud hole.
When we got home we found a package from Auntie Breana and Uncle Mack at our door step. They gave Drew a tattoo set and some coloring/activity books. We've had to hide the tattoo stuff so she wouldn't use it all in one day. She was so excited to get a package! Thank you Mack and Bre!

More festivities to come!!


Fonts and Things

If you haven't guessed, I love changing my fonts every time I find a new website with free stuff.  Here is a website called Fontsquirrel with 350 different fonts all 100% free.

To change your font on Blogger you'll want to go to:
1. Customize
2. Edit HTML
3.  Look down your HTML.  After the accordion shaped lines under *Variable definitions you'll come across a % size and then the name of your font

type="font" default="normal normal 200% 'Little Trouble Girl BV, Serif' value="normal normal 155% Little Trouble Girl BV,

The font I downloaded is Little Trouble Girl BV.  If I wanted to change it, I would first have to download the font I want, then change all the names of the fonts that are after a percentage sign and type in the downloaded font.  When you get to the end of your HTML paragraph and come to a symbol that looks like
you're done!
4. Click 'Preview' to make sure it's what you want 
5.  Click 'Save Template' and you're done!

Hope it works for you!


"Oh no! Not again!"

As Drew would say.

This time Kurt is embarking on this adventure alone.  After ending P90X last year Kurt weighed in at 195.  He had lost 35 lbs.  The following months after P90X he gained all of it back. In the past few months Kurt has changed his diet and dropped 14 lbs.  Today before his first workout Kurt weighed in at 216.
Wish him luck!!

In no particular order

We've had a lot of events going on lately and these are photo's in between the events.

Alia's grabbing more and discovering her hands more.  It keeps her entertained longer and I love it!

Kurt, getting ready for the archery hunt.
His two little helpers.

Not much to say as usual but I hope my pictures say more than I do.


To Satchiejawea

Canyon View High School 1998

hhhhhhhhhhh - From Brody

gpip8gbmugugkfssa - From Drew

We love and miss you Satchie!!

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