Alia At Seven Months

Alia is now seven months old and it's going by too fast. I can't believe my third child is closer to one than she is to being a new born. It makes talking about having our fourth that much closer. NO we are not getting pregnant and having another one till 2011 but you know what I mean! The year 2011 is creeping closer.

Alia is bringing so much joy in our lives. She has the sweetest personality. She LOVES to give her mommy nice wet kisses and she's a very aggressive. She'll grab my hair, ears, face, and use her kung fu grip on my skin and pull me towards her. It hurts that crazy but makes me smile at the same time. She'll follow me wherever I go. I have to hide for her to pay attention to other people. Almost two weeks ago she started to army crawl and she will crawl in circles if that means keeping an eye on me. She'll get up on her knees every once in a while and maybe crawl with a knee or two, rock back and forth, but she mostly pushes with her feet and pulls with her arms to get where she needs to go. And boy is she fast! Drew and Brody get a huge kick out of her crawling. They'll stop whatever they are doing to watch her and giggle. We also got her ears pierced a couple of weeks ago. She was a real trooper and looks so cute with her purple earrings. Alia LOVES to eat! She will eat whatever we are eating and what she's allowed to eat. Whenever she sees us eating she'll start smacking her lips and eyeing your food. She'll even go the extra mile to steal if from your plate or fork. We have to be quick! If only her teeth could keep up with her appetite. She finally got her first two teeth and on the same day. She woke up from her worthless 10 min nap and I knew she was fussy because of her teeth. I rubbed my finger along her bottom gums and while doing so her left tooth popped through and then a couple of hours later her second. So far she's been my latest bloomer when it comes to her teeth but I am not complaining!

Alia really is such a good baby. She'll sit in her car seat the whole half an hour at Drew's swimming lessons and not pitch a fit once. She love to talk and use her tongue. She's still constantly sticking it out and chomping on it like it was gum. Twisting it in her mouth, blowing raspberries, and trying to talk. She still can't sit up on her own for more than ten seconds. We always joke that she'll be able to walk before she can sit up. She loves to stand and work her legs even though they are still so thin not to be mistaken for short. She's still long, skinny, small head and big feet.

I'll have to post better pictures soon but for now...


Happy Birthday Collin!

Friday night, midnight more like it, we set off for a four hour drive to celebrate Collin's 1st birthday. We didn't get in till 4:30 am but it was SO worth it!
The theme was a Fall Fest Carnival. Aren't these decorations amazing? Kurt made that balloon arch.
A lot of people who attended didn't expect a 1st birthday party to look and be this big of a deal. In Hawaii 1st birthday parties are a big deal because back in the old days not every baby survived to see their 1st birthday. So it's become a tradition to go all out for babies first birthdays.
Breana and Cherie getting things ready!

The kids were given tickets that they could play the games with.
We had donut on a string,
a fishing pond,
ring toss, wiffle ball toss,
and bean bag toss.
A carnival is not complete without cotton candy!
Singing Happy Birthday to the big boy!
Nikki made this AWESOME carmel apple cake
which collin found intresting. After digging his hands into it he tried to wipe the frosting on his cousins. It was so funny!
Blake holding Alia. One of the many pairs of hands holding her that day since I was busy helping. Thanks for taking care of her guys!
Some of the HI crew that lives up here now.

A real carmel apple for everyone for party favors. They were SO good covered in delicious, buttery carmel!
After Collin's party the McBride and Reynolds clans went to Thansgiving Point for the Scarecrow Festival that Mike's work sponsors every year.
The kids LOVED it. They had free games, like the ones we played earlier,
a ton of bounce houses, train rides, junior spook house, movie on a big screen,

pumpkin patch if you wanted to buy pumpkins,

and peddle cars.

It was a fun day filled with fun activities!

These pictures were taken on Sunday, hanging out before church.
Davis loved ths picture because it looks like the ball was his head when really he was throwing the ball trying to make it in the cauldron.

Thanks for letting us share the weekend with you Collin!


How Fun Would That Be?

These sound like fun!
And they're all not scrapbooking. There's even a photography one!

If anybody wants to go in the future let me know and we'll do it!

They even have payment plans available!


Annyong Haseyo!

Why hello! It's been a while. Here's what's been going on with the Reynolds gang.

Drew learned how to ride her bike without training wheels! This was a video taken a couple of weeks ago and now she can ride forever and nobody has to start her off either. I was 10 when I learned how to ride a two wheeled bike. Things like this, her learning to ride a 'big girl bike' really makes me want to slow down time.

Aila was cheering Drew on from the stroller. You can see her legs kicking in the video above.
One of my favorite habits babies posses is eating their toes. LOVE IT!
Drew presented Brody to me like this saying, "Isn't he stylish?" We get these free stickers in the mail from Disney every once in a while and I have to say thank you Disney for keeping my kids occupied with free stickers for 5 whole minutes.
September 28th was the last time I posted and it was our wedding anniversary. Kurt had to work so I took the kids to the Korean Festival. When Kurt got back from his mission in Korea he brought this hanbok back for his niece. She's outgrown it and has giving it to Drew. She was SO proud that she was able to wear it.
The food was SO good and oh so free!
After we ate they had a Korean fashion show and traditional dance. It was so fun to go and have the kids behave really well. Alia did let us know when she was tired and headed home.
When Kurt got home he gave me these and Photoshop CS4! I'm SO excited to start playing on it but our computers optical drive is being dumb so we have to get that fixed first.
Drew had her last soccer game on the 29th of September. She wanted to score SO bad she was getting incredibly frustrated and she was being aggressive and trying her hardest too. Even though she didn't score a goal it was the best I've ever seen her play! She did an amazing job this season and I can't wait for next year!

I just have to capture moments like this so I don't forget. Forget her first time noticing fish? Kinda but more her first time noticing things in general. It's just so cute to see Alia grow and develop. I tell you it doesn't get old no matter how many kids you have.
With soccer done swim lessons started. We love Headstart! They have a free swim lesson program to all headstart students. The last time we went swimming Drew ripped her suit. Huge whole. No suit. The day of her first lesson I found this suit on the clearance rack, because swim suits are not in season here all year long -what's up with that?- at Christensen's. The last and only place I had left to look. $10!

Drew did awesome! This is her first formal swim class and I was a little worried with how she would act, because shes like a firecracker now days, but she did great!

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