Happy Birthday Collin!

Friday night, midnight more like it, we set off for a four hour drive to celebrate Collin's 1st birthday. We didn't get in till 4:30 am but it was SO worth it!
The theme was a Fall Fest Carnival. Aren't these decorations amazing? Kurt made that balloon arch.
A lot of people who attended didn't expect a 1st birthday party to look and be this big of a deal. In Hawaii 1st birthday parties are a big deal because back in the old days not every baby survived to see their 1st birthday. So it's become a tradition to go all out for babies first birthdays.
Breana and Cherie getting things ready!

The kids were given tickets that they could play the games with.
We had donut on a string,
a fishing pond,
ring toss, wiffle ball toss,
and bean bag toss.
A carnival is not complete without cotton candy!
Singing Happy Birthday to the big boy!
Nikki made this AWESOME carmel apple cake
which collin found intresting. After digging his hands into it he tried to wipe the frosting on his cousins. It was so funny!
Blake holding Alia. One of the many pairs of hands holding her that day since I was busy helping. Thanks for taking care of her guys!
Some of the HI crew that lives up here now.

A real carmel apple for everyone for party favors. They were SO good covered in delicious, buttery carmel!
After Collin's party the McBride and Reynolds clans went to Thansgiving Point for the Scarecrow Festival that Mike's work sponsors every year.
The kids LOVED it. They had free games, like the ones we played earlier,
a ton of bounce houses, train rides, junior spook house, movie on a big screen,

pumpkin patch if you wanted to buy pumpkins,

and peddle cars.

It was a fun day filled with fun activities!

These pictures were taken on Sunday, hanging out before church.
Davis loved ths picture because it looks like the ball was his head when really he was throwing the ball trying to make it in the cauldron.

Thanks for letting us share the weekend with you Collin!


beth said...

It was so fun seeing all of you Abiang girls! The party theme/decorations/food was so cute! Alia seemed to really like Blake. It was a good change for him to hold a happy baby. His niece doesn't like him very much. =)

Torry said...

Can I just say I've never seen a hot dog look so delicious! Your truly are an AMAZING photographer!!! Plus your kids are adorable! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods!

Cari said...

looks like a great weekend and a darling party! we're sad we couldn't make it!!

Alissa said...

So fun! Thanks for all the pictures! I'm so sad I missed it!!

lyle and julia said...

what a fun party!! way to go Nikki!!

Williams Family said...

No worries about the pic. It was so much fun, thanks for inviting us. Mike was in awe! lol. I think he now understands why I tried to make a bigger first birthday. he didnt get it before. lol

Michelle said...

Great cake. Glad you had fun.

The Boyd's said...

I'm obviously pregnant....I read that the reason the celebration was so big was because not all babies made it to their first birthday....and I just cried. lol It looked like such an amazing party!

Carrie said...

What a great party! I loved looking at all the pics. You and your sisters are so cute...and gorgeous of course! Oh, and I really like the jeans you are wearing in that group pic too...would you email me and let me know what they are and where you got them?! I've been looking for a pair of skinny jeans and haven't found anything near as cute as yours! :)Thanks!

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