Adieu, Adieu To You and You and You

Our little Drew loves to pull faces. This is obviously her happy face. Then I told her to make a scary face.

This is what she gave me. Hahaha! I don't know about you but that face is terrifying. This is the picture that you show to your kids and scare them by telling them that if they made this face and then got hit in the head, it'll stay like that.

For those of you who don't know, Kurt is going to New York this week for a TESOL convention. Thats Teaching English to Students of Other Languages. He'll be gone from Sunday to Sunday. I always joke around that I'm more of a single parent because he's gone so much. I think I'm being taught a lesson to appreciate the time that he is here, even if it's only two hours to help relieve me of the kids. On another note, he'll be taking the cell phone, computer and camera with him. My ties to the technological world will be gone for an entire week! So I leave this last and final post with you until then.

Ketchup Week

Thrusday March 27, the kids were going crazy in the house.  So we went outside and played on the skateboard.  They were so mad when we had to go back in the house.

They were mad because it was time to clean up.  It's amazing that two little children could do this all by themselves.

I asked Drew who Brody was calling and she said "Aunty Shanae and Kali!"  We love talking to Kali on the phone.

Saturday March 29, the Stimmels, Wynes, and us went to see my sister, Cherie, in a Cinderella play.  Brylie had fun, and looked so cute dancing to the music.  She wished her Aunty was in it too.  Adi was enthralled with all the princesses.  This was just as good as Disneyland to her.  Drew was so excited to see her Aunty Cherie and thought she was Cinderella.

She was actually the wicked step mother.  Hahaha.  She did so good though.  I was so proud of her.  I love you Cherie-dee.

That evening after the play we had a BBQ in between D and E building.  Lili, Kali, Adi and Drew had so much fun eating on their size table and chairs.  After dinner Taylor Stimmel set up his projector on the side of their apartment and we watched Ferris Bueller's Day Off.  What a fun Saturday!


Patience Is A Virtue

I was trying so hard not to laugh while I was filming this.  Drew can shaka depending on which hand she uses.  Just watch and see.


Ode to D and E

We spent all morning playing with our friends from D and E buildings.  After filling their bellies with chicken nuggets Drew and Brody crashed.

After nap time the kids and I went back to  D and E building where they played in the water sprinklers.  Drew was so proud of herself in these sunglasses.

Brody had so much fun in the water.  The sprinklers were spraying him like crazy while he was siting in a big puddle of water, but he loved it!

Happy Easter

Here are some pictures I took of the kids on Easter.  If I'm to be honest, besides the meaning of Easter, the best part are Easter outfits.  Thank you Children's Place, without you my children would be naked all the time.


Easter Egg Hunt

TVA had an Easter egg hunt for all the kids.  Brody did so good.  He saw this yellow egg and put it in his basket.  Of course after his first egg he lost interest in finding others, and sat and played with it.

There was a 3-5 egg limit.  I think Drew exceeded that.  She had so much fun collecting her eggs.  Last year we had to teach her to collect the eggs instead of getting one then opening it and forgetting the rest.  I think she learned her lesson. 

Drew was nice enough to give Brody, and other kids, some of her eggs.

Daddy and Brody.

The freak that I am, woke my kids up early so they could be on time for the hunt.  They both look so tired here.  It was worth it though, they both had really long naps afterward!


The Joys of Parenthood

Today the BYUH 12th and 14th ward primary and nursery had an Easter activity.  The kids painted Easter baskets.

Then they played water games.  Drew was so excited to get a water balloon.

They also had a relay game where they walked with an egg on a spoon.  Drew walked so, so, slow so she wouldn't drop it.

Isn't she so sweet in this picture?  No more than 30 min. after this picture was taken she crapped her pants.  My back was towards her when someone said Drew had her pants down.  We all turned to see and right at that moment she squeezed out some juicy poop right on the concrete where all the kids were playing.  Thank goodness there were other parents there to help.  When I'm in situations like that I get so overwhelmed I don't know where to start.  Angie worded it perfectly when she said, "Kids are so unpredictable."    


Another session at Drew's school, Na Kamalei, a pau.

My Little hula dancer had to have her hands free.  So she held her rice cracker in her mouth.

Brody and Drew's favorite teacher, Aunty Dina and her daughter Alana Rene.

The future Mr. and Mrs. David Noguera.


For Your Viewing Pleasure


Field Trip

Friday March 14th we went to the Polynesian Cultural Center with Drew's school. It was really hot and the kids were restless. Normally the PCC is a lot of fun but with a big group like we had, well, Brody pretty much summed it up.


The Reynolds Family

Aha!  I've done it!  Finally after having computer and technical difficulties I have made our very first blog.  I'm so excited to finally be in the technological loop with blogs.  Yet another hobby that will result in a pig sty house, malnourished children, and a husband that doesn't get any... attention!  So welcome everybody to The Reynolds Family Blog.

Noelle Jell Bell

Unfortunately this was the only picture I could find of myself that was somewhat decent.  I'm always behind the camera unless I take a photo of myself, like this one, or I ask Kurt to take one of me which is only for our work out and I am NOT posting those.  Well I have the best and hardest job in the world.  I'm a stay at home mom.  I love being able to raise my kids but the hours are horrible.  What is it about having a second child that makes your house that much harder to clean?  Obviously there's another child to help make a mess but, I swear as soon as its clean it gets messy again!  After this blog has been up for a little while I promise to make it more interesting rather than it sounding like one of those christmas lettersthat sums up the entire year.  Enjoy!

Kurty Bird

Right now Kurt is working at Turtle Bay resort and spa.  He is a security guard on the night shift.  It's too bad that he loves his job because I'm sick of it.  He's been working on the night shift almost as long as we've been married which will be six years this September.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Kurt is to be done with school this April and walks in June.  As Chevy Chase says in Christmas Vacation, Hallelujah!  I had to ask if this picture was alright to post because since it's been taken Kurt has lost 30 lbs.  We've been doing a workout called P90X for our friends senior project.  Our workout consists of different workouts ranging from weightlifting to yoga.If you want a fun workout that kicks you to the curb we'd highly recommend it.

Drew B Dew

Drew won't be 3 until July 25 2008 and boy will we be happy when the terrible two's are over.  Although I've heard that 3 is more terrible than two.  She's so sweet on a good day, like this pictures, but for the most part she's almost unmanageable.  Just as I was typing this she smeared her princess lip gloss all over the wall. Thank goodness for the Magic Eraser.  Although she can be a handful I wouldn't speed up time for the world.

Happy 1st Birthday Brody!

It was Brody's 1st birthday, Sunday March 2nd 2008.  The Saturday before we had a fun party for him.  We put a huge 100 ft. slip-n-slide down a hill at Kekela beach park where the kids could slide down.  Actually Kurt and my sister, Cherie with her friends had more fun then any of the kids.  It was a bright and sunny day perfect for water play and the beach.  He took his first steps January 27th but only after his 1st birthday has he chosen to walk more than crawl.  At Brody's 1 year check up he weighed 22.8 lbs and is 29 inches.  Big boy!

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