Happy 1st Birthday Brody!

It was Brody's 1st birthday, Sunday March 2nd 2008.  The Saturday before we had a fun party for him.  We put a huge 100 ft. slip-n-slide down a hill at Kekela beach park where the kids could slide down.  Actually Kurt and my sister, Cherie with her friends had more fun then any of the kids.  It was a bright and sunny day perfect for water play and the beach.  He took his first steps January 27th but only after his 1st birthday has he chosen to walk more than crawl.  At Brody's 1 year check up he weighed 22.8 lbs and is 29 inches.  Big boy!


Erin and James said...

yay you have a blog! I love it! now i can stalk your family too!

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