Happy Birthday Brody Boy!

Brody had an awesome party with friends, balloons, streamers, cake, presents, and airplanes.  More on another post soon but for right now I want to spend quality time with my kids before I leave for Vegas for 6 days.  I love my boy to death and I can't believe he's 3!

Happy Birthday Brody!


I can glue it so can you!

Over on The Salty Pineapple Nikki is having a "You Can Glue It" week March 8th to the 12th, where you make a project with a hot glue gun.  Brody just had his 3rd birthday party, more to come on that soon, and his theme was airplanes.  So I thought it fitting to make him a runway, entirely glued.  To participate, make a project and post about it on your blog then add a button to your glue gun post!  

Happy glueing!

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