Happy Birthday Brody Boy!

Brody had an awesome party with friends, balloons, streamers, cake, presents, and airplanes.  More on another post soon but for right now I want to spend quality time with my kids before I leave for Vegas for 6 days.  I love my boy to death and I can't believe he's 3!

Happy Birthday Brody!


Nikki said...

The airplane on the cake is so cute. I love the streams and paper airplanes. Happy Birthday to Brody.

Anonymous said...


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Willing 'Ohana said...

Happy Belated Birthday Brody! I can't believe he's 3 already. He's getting so big. We'll celebrating Kamalu first birthday on Monday and isn't Alia's soon too? That year went by way too fast. Hope you're doing well. Talk to you later.

Carrie said...

Interesting 2nd comment :)

Happy Birthday to Brody! He is such a handsome doll and I love his airplane cake! Did you make it?!

beth said...

What a fun party! I just love themed parties. You did a great job! Happy birthday to Brody

.Ang. said...

The cake and decorations are so simple yet so AWESOME!!

I can't believe he is 3 either!

Miss you guys!

have fun in vegas!!

Mackenzie and Breana said...

He is starting to look older now. I think its his hair cut. The cake was soo cute.

Shanae said...


Keiko said...

Happy Birthday Brody! Is this the second cake you were mentioning about on facebook? I was wondering . . . looking great though! Are you attending Nichole's Master class like Leah? Have fun at Vegas!

Cari said...

happy birthday to brody! have fun in vegas! :)

Anonymous said...

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The Boyd's said...

Happy Birthday Brody! We would have loved to celebrate with you!

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