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I have a crush.

Britain's Got Talent 2009 Aidan Davis Dancing - The top video clips of the week are here


Maeby Baby

Guess who's two months and doesn't stop smiling?

Super Saturday

Last Saturday we had SO much fun going out to Three Peaks with the Torres' and their friends and co-workers.  

Kurt, the kids, and the rest of the men went fishing for lizards.

Then the men, boys and Rachel went repelling of off this huge drop.

Tony going down.

The kids had so much fun getting their faces caked with dirt and 

Drew, Tay, Taya, and Maya.

We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again!


4 Days Late And a couple $1000 short

Yesterday morning, when I got up for Alia's early morning meal, I heard about five different calls sounding like five different birds, one right after another.  Turns out it was one mocking bird.  Ever since the spring has sprung I've noticed all the pretty, trees, flowers, and birds.  I decided this morning I was going to become a birdwatcher.  As I got ready to document my findings today I thought to myself, "Hmm...when is bird day?"  Although our national bird day is in the beginning of January, I found out that Saturday was International Migratory Bird Day (the 4 days late) and it is held the second Saturday in May every year.  When I opened my front door I had my first oportunity to get a picture of a Robin.  I brought my camera up and zoomed in as much as possible and realized this was going to be harder than I thought.  The Robin that was 20 feet away looked like it was 100 feet away.  This is when a nice camera and lens would come in use (hence the couple $1000 short).  But I made do with what I had.  So although my pictures are SUPER grainy, I had a lot of fun and can't wait to get more pictures of birdies!

My homemade Hummingbird feeder.  Although I saw a hummingbird today I was too in awe to take a picture and then when I came to, it was gone.

Western Kingbird
Western Kingbird Photo

Bullock's Oriole

American Robin

House Sparrow
House Sparrow Photo

Hopefully more to come.  I still need to get a Hummingbird and that Mocking bird.  


Best Pals

Does this say something about a boy and his dog or about our parenting?


Announcements, announcements, annooouuncements!

I was able to make Alia's birth announcements thanks to my sister in law who is a Close to my Heart stamping consultant and who has a Cricut.  This for all my friends to see since I'm only giving them to family.

Kurtis, Noelle, Drew, and Brody are excited to introduce 
Alia Mae Reynolds
March 19th 2009
7 pounds 4 ounces & 19.5 inches


Tom Boy In The Making

On Monday for Family Home Evening we went to our niece, Kiley's clogging recital.  Before the show began Drew and Brody would not shut up!  They were SO excited to see Kiley perform.  There were three different ages and groups that took turns performing.  When Kiley's group went up for the second time Drew exclaimed, "Not again!"  Haha!  After they clogged, they showed a slide show of all the girls and every picture that went up Brody would say, "Kiley!"  I think it was because they all looked alike.  It was really cute and fun to watch Kiley dance.  I had taken Drew to a couple of Mommy and Me dance classes to see if she liked it and after getting bored of dancing for five minutes, and bored of watching girls clogg for five mintues, I think she's more of a sports girl.  I think Kurt thought the same thing because during the recital Kurt leaned over to me and mouthed, " Soccer!"


Latest Fashion Trend

Happy birthday Cherie!

What A Blessing!

On Sunday we were blessing Alia so Nikki and her family and Breana and Mack drove down from up north to be here for it.  They were staying at Nikki and Mike's time share in St. George so on Saturday we spent the day down there.  The kids had a blast swimming in the pool and jacuzzi.
For lunch we had Cold Stone and for dinner we had a yummy BBQ with Kurt's famous wings, steaks, brats, potatoes, and pork and beans!!  So good!
On Sunday morning we were killing time before our 1:00 sacrament meeting.  I finally got a picture of Alia somewhat smiling.  Hopefully more to come soon.
Drew jumping 
and Brody trying.
Alia in her blessing outfit.
Kurt did such a good job on her blessing.  I'm so grateful that he was able to bless her and everybody who we wanted in the circle was able to be there in it.
After church we had a little shindig.

It was such a fun weekend!

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