Super Saturday

Last Saturday we had SO much fun going out to Three Peaks with the Torres' and their friends and co-workers.  

Kurt, the kids, and the rest of the men went fishing for lizards.

Then the men, boys and Rachel went repelling of off this huge drop.

Tony going down.

The kids had so much fun getting their faces caked with dirt and 

Drew, Tay, Taya, and Maya.

We had so much fun and can't wait to do it again!


beth said...

I used to catch geckos when I was younger, but I don't know if I would touch that thing. It's huge!

Stephanie Yamashita said...

I love this boy!

.Ang. said...

fishing for lizards??! that sounds interesting!

Brylie wanted me to tell you that she misses drew and brody VERY MUCh!

And I miss you guys too!!


Kami said...

drew and brody are so grown up! still cutiez, hi u guyz!

Peter said...

congrats on the new baby you guys. oh and if you go fishing for lizards do you eat them? just wondering. brody and drew are getting so big, you guys gottah come visit cuz i miss you guys... :(

Anonymous said...

That was good times! We need to do it again soon!

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