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 Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Diller would've been my vote.

The Good, The Bad, and The Frightfully Scary!

This picture does not do this women justice.  When my mom and I saw this woman we were at a loss for words.  I'm not sure what caught our attention first: the bad wig, or the frightfully scary makeup.  I'm sure though, despite these physical drawbacks she's got to have a good spirit.  Congratulations scary lady on making my blog!
Am I mean?


"Please just let me sit for a second"

I am worn out!  This is my mom's house where we're living until we move to Korea.  The house was built with a tiny kitchen and little storage.  Therefore putting things in any spot they can find.  Although it's a clean house, you can see it's not childproof at all!  This is no fault of my mom's.  She and her husband are busy and I understand when you get a free minute you just want to rest, but I'm constantly following Brody and Drew around putting things back where they got them and cleaning up the messes they leave behind.  I feel so bad because I'll sit them in front of the tv hoping they watch for more than a minute so I can take a break.  In our old apartment I'd have to turn off the tv but here, it's a new place and so much to see and explore.  Please don't get me wrong.  I love and appreciate my mom more than she knows.  I just don't know what to do.  We try to get out as much as possible but I never realized how much you have to stay home to schedule around nap and meal time.  Slowly but surely I'm childproofing as we go, like putting locks on cabinets and putting things away as opposed to up where they can still climb to reach.  I just feel like I'm intruding because we're not going to be here for long but then again we are here for long enough.  If anybody has any suggestions to get their kids' attentions away from clutter without having to move it please let me know.


Happy Birthday Jocelyn

Shanae, Angie, and I were lucky enough to visit Hillary and baby Jocelyn at the hospital.  Jocelyn is SO beautiful just like her mommy.  Congratulations again Williams family!


Why I Love Brody

The day we were leaving Kurt and I were busy packing the last little knick knacks that are the hardest to know what to do with.  We weren't paying much attention to our children or their safety.  I heard through my sub conscience mind, Drew going to the bathroom.  I heard her turn the water on in the sink to wash her hands and then I heard her playing in the water.  I could care less that she was playing with the water.  I normally would've told her not to waste water and to get down from the stool, but she was happy and I was on a roll and so I gladly welcomed this distraction.  Five minutes or more later Kurt called to me from the bathroom, "Noelle.  Did you put him in here?"  This was what I thought was Drew standing on the stool playing with the water from the faucet.  It was Brody in the sink!

Here is his mischievous trail to the bathroom sink.  Through no investigation at all we realized he climbed on the potty stool, onto the toilet, on top of the back of the toilet, then finally on the counter into the sink.  He was eating a nutria grain bar before his little stunt, and you can see his crumb trail on the back of this porcelain ride.  When I explained to Kurt I had heard Drew go to the bathroom I realized I had actually heard the sound of the toilet being sat on not an actual tinkle.  He made us laugh so hard!  He threw the biggest fit when we made him get down and I was just glad he didn't turn on the hot water.

For a big treat I gave Drew and Brody a Sees chocolate lollipop to share.  Drew was nice enough to let Brody have it for a long time.  She must've known something because shortly after giving him the lollipop he conked out on the cold hard tile.  My mom's house is not exactly baby proof, which is in the next post to come, so I was so happy when this little body stopped moving.

I don't think he could've fallen asleep any happier.  He actually had the lollipop in his hand but Drew was quick to snatch it from a sleeping baby.

Drew wanted to "sleep" too.  She's not the best actress but we still love her.


They're here... finally!

Kurt's family didn't get into the airport till 3:00 am.  We didn't get to the hotel till 4:30 am.  Their flight was delayed five hours with a three hour layover making their total delay eight hours.  After sleeping only a couple of hours they thought it would be best to lay low and for the first full day and hang out at Turtle Bay, the hotel they were staying at and where Kurt works.

That night for dinner we had a barbecue at our house.  It was nice catching up with the family and having someone take our kids off of our hands.  Brody walked right up to Scott and put his arms out for him to pick him up.  It was so cute I had to take a picture.

Having Fun With Family

This one makes me want to cry.

After we spent the morning at the swap meet we stopped by Wendy's to get a bite to eat.

Next was the Dole Plantation and our kids were out.

We had a race to see who could finish the pineapple maze first, Erin and Paul or Kurt, Heidi and I.  It was a tight race but we came out first.

Heidi, Makayla's friend was lucky enough to come to Hawaii with them.

Drew and Sadie were so cute together!  After we would come home from hanging out with them Drew would say she wanted to be with her cousin.  They are exact opposite in features but really close in personality.  As we were cooling off from running around in the maze Drew and Sadie disappeared for a minute and came back with the cones on their heads.  They were so funny together.

After the long day we decided to end it with a little crab hunting.  Rene was a great sport to catch this crab.  After the biggest catch of the night she kept her hands in her pocket and didn't take them out till we got back to the car.

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