The Last One

Saturday May 31st Cherie graduated from Kailua High School.  Cherie is the last Abiang girl to graduate.  She'll be attending BYU Provo in the Summer.  
Congratulations Cherie!

One of my all time favorite pictures.

This is another sister Breana who was able to fly down from BYU Provo to be at Cherie's graduation.  Our other sister Nikki was not able to come but I gave Cherie a big hug for her.  Cherie-Dee we're so proud of you.  Can you believe you're done?


Andrea Tyler said...

Way to go Cherie! I can't believe that she is graduating...thats awesome. Cute pics too!

Cari said...

congrats cherie! isn't it crazy that cherie and josh are going to be in college?! where does the time go? thanks for the pictures, i miss kailua high graduations! :)

Williams Family said...

I am just having the hardest time thinking that Cherie is graduated. Its so weird... I remember her in elementary! Thats so crazy! But congrats to Cherie, and I am glad Breana came down. That must have been so much fun!

Stewart Family said...

Crazy! The photos bring me back to our Graduation! Especially the blow up swim toys. So fun. Can you believe how long we have been done, and how much things have changed. Kids, married... AHHH!

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