The Count Down Begins

We regret to say that twenty days from now, June 25th, we will have to leave our humble home in TVA.  You've been good to us all these years, but our time has come to move on.  Where are we going to live next you ask?

Meet Stephanie Yamashita. (the one on the right)  She is my wonderful mother who has decided to take us in, with open arms to live in Kailua with her.  Before we move to Korea Kurtis needs to finish his last class, a German 101 online course.  We do not know for how long.  Maybe July, hopefully August, and possibly till December.  All my sister's will be living in Utah by the time we move in, thus leaving us two out of the three bedrooms in the house.  Although we will be living an hour from our Laie friends, it's nice to know that you all venture out of the country.  So when you do, I only ask that you give us a call if you are in the area or passing by so we can meet up.  There are pretty beaches, fun hikes and good places to eat in Kailua.  You are always welcome to come visit us at our place.  Just call in advance so I can ask my mom.


Stewart Family said...

That is great that you guys are staying with your mom. I bet she is happy to have you guys with everyone leaving. I can't believe that Cherie is going to college, that is so crazy that they are that old. Your sister is a graduate, my nephew?!?!

I wish we were going to be there in Kailua to hang out!! I can't believe that you guys will be so close to my Mom and I won't be there to hang out and go to the beach with you guys!! No fair :o(

Cari said...

that is nice to be staying with your mom for a bit :) and i'm excited to read about your adventrues in korea when you go :)

Nate, Kim, Lili and Baby Nate said...

funny because you never really think about having to live with your parents after your married!!! I'm sad that you guys won't be there when we get back. :( Brody is so big now.

theJorgies said...

A glimpse into the future:

"Hi Noelle's mom. Can Noelle come out and play?"

"I'm afraid not Stefani. She needs to finish her lunch and clean her room. Maybe later."

Williams Family said...

I cant wait for you to move down here! That is gonna be so awesome to have you so close! You better call me to hang out!

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