Having Fun With Family

This one makes me want to cry.

After we spent the morning at the swap meet we stopped by Wendy's to get a bite to eat.

Next was the Dole Plantation and our kids were out.

We had a race to see who could finish the pineapple maze first, Erin and Paul or Kurt, Heidi and I.  It was a tight race but we came out first.

Heidi, Makayla's friend was lucky enough to come to Hawaii with them.

Drew and Sadie were so cute together!  After we would come home from hanging out with them Drew would say she wanted to be with her cousin.  They are exact opposite in features but really close in personality.  As we were cooling off from running around in the maze Drew and Sadie disappeared for a minute and came back with the cones on their heads.  They were so funny together.

After the long day we decided to end it with a little crab hunting.  Rene was a great sport to catch this crab.  After the biggest catch of the night she kept her hands in her pocket and didn't take them out till we got back to the car.


Stewart Family said...

looks like a lot of fun! do I foresee another cone fetish for your daughter. wonder where that comes from :o)

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