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 Phyllis Diller
Phyllis Diller would've been my vote.


Melissa said...

wow she looks surprisingly a lot like patrick swazey. thats never a good thing when your a woman.

theJorgies said...

that is HILARIOUS that you did a celebrity look-alike on her. You crack me up!

Melissa said...

when are you guys off to Korea? did you know it's a high possibility that we are heading over there too? Chad also served his mission there.

Taylor & Leah Stimmel said...

Wait... I was looking to see your celebrity look-alike. Than I was thinking that was the celebrity you were trying to say you looked like - I was like ummm - no! Now that I'm not so confused, I really see Al Pacinoin in her! We miss you guys. I finally got my computer and got to blog again. I am a happy girl! I hope you guys have a fantastic 4th.

The Waldon Family said...

Nightmares! What a train wreck.

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