Friends and Family

Thursday June 19 we journeyed to Sharks Cove.  Those who wanted to snorkel got to and the rest of us had fun experiencing the sea life right at our finger tips.



Currently my favorite picture of Drew.

If anybody can tell us if this was an eel or sea snake I'd really appreciate it.  It looked a lot more like a snake than an eel.

After Shark's Cove we made our way to Waimea.  Since I'm from here I have to admit, I get offended when people have nothing good to say about Hawaii.  I'm not talking about appreciating cockroaches or anything, but when just hanging out at the beach playing in the water isn't good enough.  I loved seeing the smiles spread on Kurt's families faces as they lazily played in the water and on the sand.  

Uncle Scott and Erin

Jimmy and Kurtis James

Shawnie, Steven and Brody


(L-R) Mary and Shane Boyd, Leah and Taylor Stimmel, Noelle and Kurt Reynolds
Missing: James and Erin Low

After a full day at the beach Kurt and I left the kids with grandma and grandpa and went to the graduation dinner.  We spent $2o on boring talks, bad entertainment and disgusting food.  Although the time spent with friends was priceless.  I'm actually gaging right now from corniness.

We're really going to miss these guys!


Keiko said...

It's kind of weird, but I'll miss you guys that you are not in Laie. I enjoyed the updates from Laie. Well, still excited for you all to have another adventure though!

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