Sugar Rush

Once a month Kurt's extended family gets together and has cake and ice cream for all the people who had birthday's that month.  I jumped at the opportunity to make a cake for Kurt's Grandma Kay.  This was the finished product.


Free Blog Backgrounds

Tired of Cutest Blog on the Block?  No offense to them but sometimes people don't want an ugly link back to their site.  I found a blog that offers free backgrounds without an ugly link called Simply Blog it Backgrounds and if there's nothing there you like she has a blog list full of other blogs with free backgrounds.  I actually found my background from Cristi's Creations on that list.  There are a couple of catches.  You have to have the original Minima template, you have to copy and past with your Html instead of putting on a gadget-very easy though- and they ask that you drop a line back to their site.  But hey!  It beats having an ugly link you can't remove!


Save a tree, eat a cow

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

This is our 'thanks' to the earth that we love so much.

Our ferocious white siberian tiger
We spent all day outside.  The kids especially had fun on the swings.
Until Brody fell off.
Kurt imitating a Kangaroo
and Alia loving every minute of it.
Plants and flowers and trees, oh my!

I am loving these robins that hang around our house
It seemed like a good earth day picture.
Daffodils that I planted before the first frost last year have made their debut.

And for the finale... *drumroll*

Drew's plant that she grew from seed in this little cup in her Sunbeams class.  We have no idea what plant it is.  Beans, or peas?  Anybody know?
Hug a tree!



[Image: Fireball Over Oklahoma]

Meteor shower tonight after midnight!

The Waiting Game

I can't wait for this to come 

And for this CD to come in the mail

With songs that sound like this


Random Pictures


Easter Weekend

This Easter Saturday the whole Reynolds clan drove down to St. George to hike through Snow Canyon but we got rained out.  We stopped at a park for lunch and the rain stopped just in time for us to eat.  There was a guy there selling these adorable bunnies.  Perfect Easter timing!

Our family retired from the festivities early and came home.  This is a picture of my daffodils that I planted in the fall!

When we came home we dyed eggs.  It was the first year we did this as a family and the kids LOVED it!  My sister Nikki and I were reminiscing when we were young my mom would buy dozens and dozens of eggs for us to dye.  My Dad in attempt to not waste would eat as much as he could.  My sisters and I hated eggs and a lot would go to waste.

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny left a grass trail in our house to the kids' baskets.

After eating way too much candy before breakfast the kids went on their easter egg hunt that the bunny had laid out for them.

Then Kurt made his delicious potato salad with those eggs so as not to waste them.  He thought the shells looked too cool to not photograph.

As Kurt took hours, not kidding, to make his salad, I got the kids ready for church.  Grandma Reynolds got Drew and Brody their outfits and our good friends Curtis and Christina Barnum gave us Alia's dress when she was born.  Sadly this was the best picture could get of them.

After church we had a BBQ with the Reynolds clan again.  Then the kids went on another hunt that Grandma Karla put together for all the grandkids.


Get Back!

I have to beat these kids off with a stick so they don't maul their sister.


Family Photos

Our up and rising photographer friend, Leah Stimmel, was able to take our family photos while visiting us this past month.  I'm so happy that she was able to take newborn pictures of Alia.  We had so much fun posing for Leah and seeing her work.  Thank you so much Leah!  You did a GREAT job!

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