Happy Christmas!

We had our ward Christmas party last night and Santa made an appearance.  I had no idea he was going to be there but I'm so grateful I brought my camera or else I, and a lot of other parents, wouldn't have had their children's pictures taken with the big man.  Our ward did a great job from food to decorations.  I was even able to take a plate home for Kurt who had to work.

Some updates about us:

After having Christmas morning at our house we are driving up to Salt Lake to be with my family and especially my mom who is flying in from Hawaii that morning.  Alia signed her first sign which was "milk" and now uses it constantly for all the right reasons.  She also turned 9 months today.  YAY!  It's so sad how fast they grow!  :(  She's also semi crawling, semi scooting on her belly, but she's so mobile! She can go from her belly into a kneeling position.  She also pulls herself up on everything, including just the wall and she's starting to cruise and get around.  I tell you it doesn't get old!  Drew is on her Christmas break from preschool and every morning she asks if she has school.  She likes being home and playing with her brother but I think she's not as challenged with us and misses her friends.  Brody is just being a boy.  He loves to go out into the snow, cold, you name it, with a beanie, gloves, and boots.  Sometimes a shirt but I have to make him come in to get more clothes on.  He's also talking a lot more and is getting his colors down.  He also tries to read and to recognize letters like his bigger sister whom he loves!  Kurt is liking work and is doing great at it.  He is definitely kept busy juggling his work, family and sleep but he does a great job at it.  I also have been keeping busy with the kids and starting my own business but it as been fun and is so worth the hustle.  We also gave away our family dog, Leonidas.  It was a bitter sweet moment but I know he's doing good with his new family.  That's pretty much us in a nutshell.  This started out as just a post but now it is kind of our family yearly update.  If I don't post again by Christmas we hope every one has a merry one!



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So Alia failed her hearing test.  :(  Both ears this time... hmm...  I'm going to take her to an Ear Nose & Throat Doctor to get some answers because I just don't believe it.  I'll keep you posted!

Baby Tyson

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Wish Us Luck!

When Alia was born she failed her hearing test three times in her left ear.  After seeing an Audiologist we found out that she can hear in her left ear, you just have to be speaking loud.  These tests were a lot more involved than yelling in each ear like I'm making it sound.  However, she took these tests when she was weeks old and the ear canal is still flexible at this age, causing an unreliable test.  We go back to the Audiologist tomorrow to get the same test done now that her ear canals are more reliable.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that she'll hold still for the tests and that she'll pass with flying colors!

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