Update like a Christmas card


It's been so long since I've posted on this blog.  I've really missed it and the connections I had with you guys that I haven't had since starting my other one.  We've been doing good and keeping buys with everyday life.  I'm really excited for this weekend.  After this weekend we would've attended 3 BBQ's.  That's how you do summer!

Drew is getting ready for Kindergarten next year.  Every day she wakes up and asks me if she's going to her big school yet.  I have to tell her not yet!  She turns 5 this month and I cannot believe how fast she's grown.  I also have to remember that she is still a little kid and needs to be treated as such.  I've seen too many people expect too much out of their oldest child.  It's SO sad and I know I'm guilty of doing this myself but when we expect our oldest to help us take care of their siblings I think we're asking them to grow up too fast.  Yes it's great when they do help, and nothing is wrong with them getting a diaper for us or helping capture a stray sibling but it's when we expect too much from them that I think can they can be really effected by things.  I dunno. What do you think?  Other than that tangent she is doing great, singing up a storm in church and having a blast playing with friend EVERYDAY!

Brody is 3 and he is a boy.  He is finally potty trained and it's going really good!  That took a lot of stress out of us and now he has the cutest Paul Frank BBD's ever!  One mistake we made during potty training is also the best thing we did to help him potty train.  Teaching him to pee outside.  Now where ever he goes he thinks he can pull down his drawers and go.  Oops!  Not only #1 but #2!  Thank goodness he's only done #2 in our yard but still, YUCK!  Brody is finally able to keep up with Drew and even take her down sometimes.  They fight quite often which is junk, I can't stand whining, but they get along really good when they do!

Alia is SO fun and SO busy right now!  She is climbing on everything, pushing all the buttons, opening drawers, pulling out clothes, books down, playing in the toilet, eating everything she can get her hands on but she is SO cute while doing it!  She absolutely loves her family!  She tries to talk but the only thing she's saying is Mom, that, please, and hello.  Everything else she just screams for.  She is 15. 5 months and I can't wait till she goes in the nursery.  She is the biggest distraction in our primary class but also our mascot.  Hahaha!

Kurt and I are doing good.  In late September it will be our 8th anniversary!  CRAZY!  We've been watching Avatar The Last Airbender for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I don't know how the movie is going to level up to the tv show but I think it'll be fun to shave Brody's head, paint a blue arrow on it, and go see it anyways.  Is it totally against my nature to be more excited for that than for Eclipse?  Kurt is still a supervisor at the bucket factory, as we call it.  He has a weird schedule:  He works 2 days ,off 2 days, on 3 days.  Then the next week, 2 days off,  2 days on, 3 days off and repeat.  We actually like it but he still works the night shift and I'm not totally crazy about that.  Cedar is hot but treating us well.  We absolutely LOVE our ward which is good but I always wish I we lived closer to my sisters up north.
Well other than that SO much more but I just wanted to relay the basics.

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