Happy Father's Day!

Because these are the pictures you give me, this is the picture I posted.

Dad we are so happy that you are our Dad and Kurt.  We love that you take us with you where ever you go.  We know there are some dad's that don't volunteer to take their kids anywhere they go and we just wanted to say we are so happy you love to take us with you.  We know we are annoying sometimes but you still love us and give us hugs when we are at our worst.  We love that you sing to us and tell us stories, even though they are the scariest stories about monsters eating us if we don't listen to our parents, we still love them and ask for them every night.  We love that you play outside with us and let us play swords with you and bows and arrows, and hide and go seek, and werewolf.  You are the best dad for us!  We love you Daddy, Kurt!


High on the mountain top

This past weekend we went up Cedar mountain with our friends, Curtis and Christina Barnum.  We stayed at their cabin and the men cut trees for fire wood in preparation for this years winter.  The men cooked a mean dinner!

It was so fun being up in the trees.  The kids, once they were forced, had fun playing in the dirt, with sticks outside.  It was a little rainy and kinda cold but it didn't dampen our spirits.

The Barnum's have a fun cabin with a master bedroom and a loft that had like five beds for when their whole family gets together.  And not to forget a basketball hoop so the can play horse and other games.

The drive up and back are one of the best parts about the whole trip with the pretty wild flowers.  Unfortunately we didn't stop to take any pictures.

And the Aspen trees, aka "money trees."

And this helicopter that they use for logging.  It pics up a tree trunk with a cable and drops it in a neat pile for the loggers to pick  up.  Pretty fascinating to watch.

And we think someone was watching the helicopter too much that they didn't notice this deer bounding out of the woods.  It was crazy!  We were on a big turn and could see this doe bounding full speed towards the road.  Unfortunately the other car didn't see it and they hit each other.  The deer flew back in the air with its guts spilling and glass flying in the air from the head light.  The people in the car were okay but I can't say so much for the deer.

Our booty.  I was surprised at the size of the logs that Curtis and Kurtis got in the trailer.  They got a pretty good haul.  We had a ton of fun and can't wait to do something like that again!


Swiper No Swiping!

While Drew was watching Dora the Explorer I heard this coming from her room:

Dora: "Can you say arriba?"

Drew:  "Arriba!"

Dora:  "Say arriba!"

Drew:  "I did Dora!"

I also forgot to mention that Drew had peas.  This was the extent of the growth of the pods but still fun!


Random post about what we've been UP to

Drew has been into bugs lately.  I asked someone the other day when they thought kids started to get a fear for bugs.  He said when we instill the fear.  I think I need to start installing because she brings EVERYTHING she finds into the house.

We went camping a while ago and I was excited to see a Pinyon Jay.  Yes I know I'm a dork!

These kids got as dirty as they could.  And had a blast doing it!

We went to see UP in 3D.  The kids were amazed and tried to grab at everything that would pop out.  There was a part in the movie where an old woman was in her bed and Drew asked out LOUD, "Is she dead?"  Not in a concerned voice but in a matter of fact that's the way life goes and get on with it, type of way.

It had been rainy and stormy off and on the past week.  We sat outside for a couple of hours one day watching the rain fall and listening to the thunder.  We LOVE it!

It makes all the trees and grass so green!

The hummingbirds are finally coming to my feeder.  We all get so excited when we see or hear one.  They sound like an airplane they beat their wings so fast.

I love the things they make in Sunbeams.  This one says "I'm thankful for my ears."  Hahaha and they have ears on the hat.  A lady at church told me she substituted for Drew's class last week and said when she sat down next to Drew and said hi, Drew looked up and with a shocked face asked, "What happened to your face?"  The lady, scared of what happened to her face looked to the other teacher and asked if there was something wrong with her face.  She said no, confused.  After the lady thought of it for a minute she realized what Drew was thinking.  Then went on to explain to her that she wasn't her original teacher and that her face was different because she was a totally different person.  You see, Drew thought the teacher was the same just her face changed.

We've been going the park lately and this one is perfect!  There's a little river running through it that the kids love to play in.

One thing I love about spring is the falling cotton.  Cottonwood trees have little cotton seeds that float around and it literally looks like snow in the summer.  I LOVE IT.  People with allergies, not so much.  I tried to get a picture of it but you can only see one when really there's thousands!
I made this for a baby shower gift the other day.  I can't wait to make more!

Alia had her 2 month check up the other day.  She's finally getting some weight on her.  She weighed 11 lbs and was 24 1/4 inches long.  She is getting SO fun.  She loves to talk to us cooing and gooing and she'll smile so big.  Our doc recommended giving her glycerin suppositories for her little belly problem and it's been working.  She's been SO much happier.  She can go for a couple of hours without eating unlike it was before when she would eat every 45 min.  I think it was a comfort thing.  She also started taking good 2-3 hour naps.  Last night she even slept the whole night from 9:30 pm - 7:45 am!

Alia and her cousin Kenley.

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