Happy Father's Day!

Because these are the pictures you give me, this is the picture I posted.

Dad we are so happy that you are our Dad and Kurt.  We love that you take us with you where ever you go.  We know there are some dad's that don't volunteer to take their kids anywhere they go and we just wanted to say we are so happy you love to take us with you.  We know we are annoying sometimes but you still love us and give us hugs when we are at our worst.  We love that you sing to us and tell us stories, even though they are the scariest stories about monsters eating us if we don't listen to our parents, we still love them and ask for them every night.  We love that you play outside with us and let us play swords with you and bows and arrows, and hide and go seek, and werewolf.  You are the best dad for us!  We love you Daddy, Kurt!


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