A week with the cousins

So I have been SUPER behind on my blogging and it was all because the kids and I had the bestest trip up to visit my sister in Draper.  I went up last week Monday to watch her two oldest kids, Davis and Tess, while she and her husband Mike went on a work retreat in Ogden.  Before they left on Wednesday and after they got back on Saturday we had fun doing little projects when we got a chance.  One of the projects were dresses for my girls.  Nikki helped me a ton and I'm going to post them soon!

Here I was TRYING to teach Nikki how to make marshmallow fondant but we both realized that I teach as good as my dad used to.  Throw them in the water and tell them to swim pretty much.  She did an amazing job for me being giving her instructions.

Davis was a big helper putting on the dots.

And because Tess', and Drew's birthdays are both this month we sang happy birthday to them.

The entire week, save Sunday, the kids were outside playing in the yard, in the neighbors sand box, in the pool, and having the best time!

Collin, aka Chubs was the only one I didn't get to watch.  He stayed with mom and dad.
One morning Tess and Alia were the first two up.  They were so cute in their matching pajamas I just had to take a picture.
While we were there, a week after Alia turned 3 months, she rolled over.  I should've had the camera on video but at least I got a picture!

Then on Sunday after church, we were invited by Nikki's friends, the James family to go up to Silver Lake and have a picnic.  In this picture is Nikki- left and on the right Gina James, her brother is James Valentine the lead guitarist in Maroon 5!!  While we were walking around the lake the mom of a family with teenage kids said to us women, "Such cute kids!  Then they grow up to be like this, pointing to her older kids."  Gina, being very quick replied, "At least they can wipe their own butts!"  It was very funny at the time.  After we were done walking around the lake Gina asked if any of the kids needed to use the bathroom before we left for the drive home and volunteered to take them.  Drew opted to go with them.  Let me say they were gone for a while.  When they came back Gina's first words were, "You owe me!"  Hahaha, the entire time they were waiting for Drew to do her buisness.  She had a lot of Milk to drink that week.  Then after she got off she asked Gina if she wiped good enough.  Apparently Gina needed to help her a little.  Hahaha!  So we have to in with Maroon 5!  Hahahaha! 

Drew made a friend with a fisherman.  He was eating her up!
The next door neighbors have bunnies and Drew wanted me to take a picture of them.  We had so much fun and can't wait to hang out with them again soon.


Erin and James said...

oh my gosh! alia is so dang gorgeous and growing up sooo fast! amazing that she rolled, i just got brady to do it at 4.5 months barely! um if you can meet adam levine from maroon 5, let me come with...i want to kiss that man!

Stephanie Yamashita said...

Thanks for the update. I can't believe how much all the kids have grown. Especially Drew. She looks like a 4 year old!! WOW...I miss you guys so much. I hope it was a fun week.

lyle and julia said...

woo hoo :: we missed you ;P what a fun week with cousins!!

Cari said...

cute pictures! next time you guys are in draper we'd love to see you!! :)

Mackenzie and Breana said...

Cute pictures of all the kids. I wish I was there. Alia looks like she is getting huge.

iMaLLheaRt said...

love it! Drew is getting so big and her hair is so long! I love the cake! How do you make marshmallow fondat? The kids are growing up so fast!!

Alissa said...

Looks like a fun week! Any chance that you guys might come up for Kelley's reception in August? Did she even invite you guys? hehe :)

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