A Harry Situation

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Last night Kurt and I had our first date without ANY of our kids.  We went to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.  Now I'm not going to give my opinion on the movie as you may have thought.  I am just going to say that we loved it even though it may have omitted something I was expecting and added something that wasn't in the book.  It was also more funny than the other Potter movies.  But moving on, as I had said we didn't have ANY of our kids with us.  And right before the movie started I noticed that there were two babies in the theater.  A theater employee did his little speech and in it asked that if anybody had crying babies to take them out to the lobby until they have quieted down.  Being a mother of three we've never shied away from taking our children to the movies.  They have MOSTLY always been good.  During the movie one of the babies started to fuss.  It didn't bother me because I always hear kids fussing and I've learned to tune them out if they are not my child.  When it started to get bad somebody got up with the baby and stood with him/her in the hallway.  The fussing turned into cute baby talk and really wasn't distracting... to me.  After five minutes of the baby talk a lady from the audience yelled, "Will you please quiet down that baby!"
THIS is was bugged me!  The other couple that had the quiet baby started yelling at the lady to leave if she couldn't hear, the whole audience had a, "Ohh!" moment and it distracted A LOT more than that baby ever did.  I do believe though that it had to be pretty annoying for the people who were sitting by the talking baby but the lady who yelled was further away.  And I do believe that if your baby is a big disturbance to take it out but I personally wasn't disturbed.  So my question to you is what would do, say, who would you be?  The yelling mom or the yelling lady?


beth said...

I loved it too! It's been a while since I've read the book, and I don't remember it well. Maybe you can elaborate more on another post on what they omitted and added?

As for your question, I would totally be the yelling lady.

Can we still be friends?

stef j. said...

i'm non-confrontational, so i would be neither.

but i would NEVER yell at a mother who is coping with a fussy baby, so if i have to pick, i'm the yelling mom.

Mackenzie and Breana said...

Thats funny becuase we had a crying baby too in our theater when we watched it and I was thinking, "I don't mind it, but I'm sure its driving other people crazy." I felt bad for the mom who wanted to watch the movie. Haha.
P.S. I did not like the movie. I'll have to call you so we can talk about it.

Williams Family said...

I think I would be the yelling mom. So irritating that the lady felt she had to lower herself to the level of an infant to get some attention. I wish I had been there to yell at her! lol, makes me mad when people are less tolerant of kids. They were one once and I am sure they have been on the oposite side before. Tolerance.

lyle and julia said...

i have to say neither cause I can relate totally to both sides. Both people have payed way too much money to watch this movie so if the lady was distracted than that sucks but the poor mom wants to get her moneys worth too :: anyways just my two cents ;)

The Waldon Family said...

Bummer for the mom with the fussy baby! Although, I do think she should've taken her child out if it really was making that much noise. But really, how rude of the lady in the audience!! Oh well. As for myself, I get caught up in if it's matinee or not. I figure if people are bringing their kids in/being noisy during the day then no big deal, but if it's a late show and the majority of people don't have kids then she should've taken her child out. What REALLY bothers me is when I see parents bring in their 6 year olds for a late showing of something like The Dark Knight. Why does a 1st grader need to see that anyway?!

Your kids are growing up beautifully Noelle, Alia is gorgeous and you look great as well. Love your blog!

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