Renaissance Festival

Cedar City is known for it's annual Renaissance Festival and the time when all the crazies come out to play.  It's seriously when people are allowed to play dress up and it's socially acceptable.  It's really funny though because the people who dress up are the people who dressed up like this in intermediate and high school.  You know who I'm talking about.  Every school has freaks like that, so you can just imagine the type of people who would dress up and have the worst English accent possible.  But hey, there's people like us who actually go to things like these.

We just so happened to arrive in time for the belly dancing show.  One of these girls had a real tattoo on her lower back that said, Harry Potter.  No Joke!

Some fair maiden selling popcorn.  I thought it pretty funny when you would see someone in an entire getup and then they'd have sunglasses on or be drinking Mountain Dew.

I bet you didn't know they had bounce houses during the Renaissance?

This guy took a break from helping William Wallace fight in order to be at the festival.
Then we got to see some "Knights" actually fight.  It was cool until one of them started having unwanted recreational activities with the other one.
Until next year Renaissance Festival!


IWA (e - va) said...

Thats awesome... When i lived in utah i heard about it but we never got there for it!

Was that Ye old cotton candy too?!

Love the belly dancers! haha!

lyle and julia said...

hahaha!!! This totally reminds me of Gilmore Girls!!

Mackenzie and Breana said...

Your hair is getting so long...and that cotton candy was as big as Dewby Dew.

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