I'm So Sick of Parades!

Last week we had our friends Ethan and Kayla over to play with us. The kids made bird feeders out of pine cones. First you put peanut butter on the pine cone.
Make sure you concentrate REALLY hard,
then you press bird food to the peanut butter and string it up. I haven't seen a bird eat from it yet but it was still a fun activity.
After the kids made kites.

Drew had her first soccer meeting last week where she got her uniform. She had to try it on as soon as we got home. When I played soccer I always wanted the number 6. But the smaller the number the smaller the jersey so I would always be stuck with number 2 or 3 because they didn't have a number 0 or 1. I was SO excited she didn't have number 2 or 3!

I always wanted one of these cars when I was little but they are too expensive. Our former next door neighbors had this broken down car that Kurt took and hooked up a car battery to. Now the kids have one that runs. They love it just as much as I think I would have loved one as a kid.

Friday was the 24th of July. What does that mean do you ask? Why, it's Pioneer Day in Utah! Yay!! So there was a parade. This is my Bishop in the blue shirt. He is a Junior High band teacher. Seriously he's an amazing Bishop!
What other kinds of things are in the Utah Pioneer Day parade? Jello of course!
and a castle made entirely up of food storage!

After the Parade we let the kids cool off in this water fountain area. It's like a mini Belagio.

And just for kicks, Alia's lower lip curl. It took me forever to get this picture but I love it!


lyle and julia said...

too cute!!! You look great Noelle :) I love the bird feeder idea! and happy belated bday Drew!!!

Stewart Family said...

We tried the bird-feeder in WI, and we got a lot of birds. Love the lower lip :o)

Cari said...

love the soccer uniform! happy birthday drew! :)

Shanae said...

Yay! Drew is in soccer, how fun!!!! love the parade, so funny :)

stef j. said...

food storage castle ... PWAH HA HAH A!!

and drew + soccer = AWESOME!!

beth said...

Drew looks adorable! I just LOVE watching 4-6 year olds play soccer. The ball is like a magnet!

That parade is a crack-up.

Erin and James said...

yay for her playing soccer! so cute. i love alia's lower lip curl, i always try to catch brady's in a pic but never manage! so adorable! what a funny parade! love it! miss you guys tons!

Tony and Rachel said...

I love looking at your pics and seeing the Brody is getting great use of the clothes Brax gave to him! I have 2 more bags in my garage if you want em.

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