Happy Birthday Drew!!

Last year for Drew's birthday we go her these polka dot shoes. She loves them so much, she started calling them her polkies.

One year later they look like this.

Drew turned four yesterday and I have to say it's about time. She has seemed four to me for a couple of months now.

This past week we got a package from Grandma Steph and in it was this cute Princess tote and a singing card for Drew. She immediately started stuffing as many toys in the bag as possible and was carrying every where she went.
Brody's having a tough time seeing his sister get all these presents. As you can see as I was taking this picture of Drew and her new camera, Brody thought he would tackle her.
She got a bike from Grandma Karla and riding it was all she wanted to do yesterday.
We went to Maggie Moo's for some ice cream to celebrate.
Then she said she wanted to play at the park. She was posing for the camera every time I went to take a picture. Some of the poses were not appropriate and I had to tell her to stop. I have no idea where she gets this!
The kids ran off into the fields and found a good old mud hole.
When we got home we found a package from Auntie Breana and Uncle Mack at our door step. They gave Drew a tattoo set and some coloring/activity books. We've had to hide the tattoo stuff so she wouldn't use it all in one day. She was so excited to get a package! Thank you Mack and Bre!

More festivities to come!!


IWA (e - va) said...

Too Fun!

I cant believe shes only four! I swear when you guys were here... she already seemed like a little adult!

Happy Bday Drew!

Tyson and Shelise said...

Happy Birthday Drew, she is so cute! It looks like she had a good birthdday!

Keiko said...

Happy Birthday Drew! Her hair is getting so long:)

iMaLLheaRt said...

Happy Birthday Drew! She's so cute!!

Alissa said...

I can not believe she is 4! I just found the baby pictures that you sent me back when she was brand new. Time flies!! Happy Birthday Drew!

Mackenzie and Breana said...

We had a hard time figuring out what to get. When we saw the tatoos we thought this might be a bad idea, but oh well..haha, and I figured Brody would want to put some on too.

Stewart Family said...

How fun. Happy birthday Drew. Can you believe we started that mom's group in Hawaii 4 years ago?! It is so crazy how fast the time goes. He shoes are awesome. You gotta love when you have gotten that much wear out of something you bought! How is MAggie Moo's? I just noticed one in Sandy and was wondering?

stef j. said...

oh my gosh has it really been a WHOLE YEAR!!


she seriously looks so big ... and her hair is so long.

the shoe pics are AWESOME!! i might copy that idea ;)

Erin and James said...

i can't believe she is 4 now! seriously can i have her hair! the color is gorgeous! i love her shoes, i love the mud, and it makes me laugh thinking of the innapropriate pics she was doing - i won't even make that comment! so hillarious!

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