Easter Weekend

This Easter Saturday the whole Reynolds clan drove down to St. George to hike through Snow Canyon but we got rained out.  We stopped at a park for lunch and the rain stopped just in time for us to eat.  There was a guy there selling these adorable bunnies.  Perfect Easter timing!

Our family retired from the festivities early and came home.  This is a picture of my daffodils that I planted in the fall!

When we came home we dyed eggs.  It was the first year we did this as a family and the kids LOVED it!  My sister Nikki and I were reminiscing when we were young my mom would buy dozens and dozens of eggs for us to dye.  My Dad in attempt to not waste would eat as much as he could.  My sisters and I hated eggs and a lot would go to waste.

Sunday morning the Easter Bunny left a grass trail in our house to the kids' baskets.

After eating way too much candy before breakfast the kids went on their easter egg hunt that the bunny had laid out for them.

Then Kurt made his delicious potato salad with those eggs so as not to waste them.  He thought the shells looked too cool to not photograph.

As Kurt took hours, not kidding, to make his salad, I got the kids ready for church.  Grandma Reynolds got Drew and Brody their outfits and our good friends Curtis and Christina Barnum gave us Alia's dress when she was born.  Sadly this was the best picture could get of them.

After church we had a BBQ with the Reynolds clan again.  Then the kids went on another hunt that Grandma Karla put together for all the grandkids.


Alissa said...

Those Easter outfits are too cute! I love that Brody doesn't have any pants on for the early morning egg hunt. So funny! I hope you guys are doing well!

Williams Family said...

looks like fun! Drew's dress is so pretty. Alia's too. I love the grass trail, great idea. your eggs turned out cool.

lyle and julia said...

what a fun weekend!!!

Erin and James said...

so cute! i looove alias dress. it's gorgeous! you all look fabulous! looks like they had a great easter!

stef j. said...

hey there gorgeous skinny woman!

i LOVE brody's suit. aboslutely adore it!

and your fam is so cute ... HAPPY EASTER!

Matti said...

So cute! Happy Easter....By the way, I still remember you are a winner in my "give-away". I am just waiting for life to settle a little. Does that ever happen? But in the meantime-please send me your address to mattigparker@hotmail.com so I can get it in the mail soon as whatever I make is done. ;-) I've been debating what to make. I can make headbands for your girls, a set of handmade happy-birthday and thank you notes, or a treat. You pick, cause I can't make up my mind!

Stewart Family said...

So fun ;o) I love the photo of Brody and Drew in their early morning egg hunting outfits. Too cute!!

Leah said...

Oh my goodness, Brody looks so handsome in his little suit!! It looks like you had a great Easter, I'm so glad!! We miss you guys! Oh and yes - bamboo skewer with a paper-towel, he thought I would like his creativity. :)

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