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Tired of Cutest Blog on the Block?  No offense to them but sometimes people don't want an ugly link back to their site.  I found a blog that offers free backgrounds without an ugly link called Simply Blog it Backgrounds and if there's nothing there you like she has a blog list full of other blogs with free backgrounds.  I actually found my background from Cristi's Creations on that list.  There are a couple of catches.  You have to have the original Minima template, you have to copy and past with your Html instead of putting on a gadget-very easy though- and they ask that you drop a line back to their site.  But hey!  It beats having an ugly link you can't remove!


Willing 'Ohana said...

So looks like you guys had a fun Earth Day. We were going to go on a trip and then we decided not to. Kainoa's brother and wife were supposed to come with us but couldn't come. Oh well, maybe we'll just go to Salt Lake to go to the zoo or something. I just want to go somewhere. Being a mother of three has it's ups and downs. It gets pretty hectic sometimes but it can be really fun. How are things going for you so far? Hope that it's going good for all of you. Take care.

Crystal G said...

Thanks for the awsome tip! I'm always looking for blog background ideas but can never seem to find other cool sites.

Anonymous said...

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