Daaa da da da, daa da...

Kurt and his favorite teacher Bro. Wyman.

Taylor Stimmel and Kurt

Hueng Soo gave Kurt this yellow monkey

Kurt and James Low

I'm so grateful for the friends that we made here at BYUH.  It was so nice knowing that if you had to go to the ER there was someone at TVA able and willing to watch your kids.  Or if you needed a late night talk there was always someone up to talk with you.  We're are going to miss all the friends we made there.  I hate saying goodbye, it sounds too final, so for now it's I'll see yah later!

Taylor, Mary and Kurt

(L-R)Kurt's sis. Rene, her daughters Makayla the oldest, Shawnie middle , then little Sadie, Rene's husband Steven, Noelle, Drew, Kurt, Kurt's mom Karla, Brody, Dad Jimmy, Aunt Mary Anne, Grandma Kay, Mary Anne's husband Scott, their daughter Erin and her boyfriend Paul

Kurt is the first grandchild to graduate from college.  He is the second to the oldest, but still.  I'm so proud of him.  Most people don't know, and you may even notice a change in this post later, but Kurt didn't even get his high school diploma.  He broke his leg in the last quarter and had to stay bed ridden for the rest of the year.  Could you imagine trying to do make up work with an N64 tempting you?  My point is I married Kurt before he even had the desire to go to school and now he is one of the few amongst his high school friends to have graduated from college.  Kurt I'm so proud of you. You're the hardest worker I know.  My mom always said my dad was a hard worker and they make the best husbands.  She was right.  I'm so grateful that you were mentally able and willing to hold a full time job, graveyard shift at that, go to school full time, a member in the bishopric, lose 35 lbs, and still be a wonderful friend husband and dad.  Not many people could do all that and survive to tell the tale.  You did have your rough points from not sleeping, like when you passed out teaching a lesson and Aaron Jones had to catch you (sorry you missed that Taylor), and from school when you had to commute an hour for your first year, your withdrawals from Coke for your diet, and more lack of sleep with your Sunday morning meetings, but you did it!  Again I'm so proud Kurt and I can't wait for our next adventure together!


Keiko said...

Congrats the Reynolds! Although you didn't write much about you, Noel, this post also shows how wonderful wife, and cheerleader you have been to Kurt. I'm so impressed with both of you guys. Hey, arn't you happy you got the camera before the ticket by the way? LOL!

Stewart Family said...

congratulations! looks like a real hawaii grad. love the leis and the monkey

Taylor & Leah Stimmel said...

i dont know how i missed this one? kurt - you are amazing! congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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