Happy Father's Day

Eugene Barney Abiang
I really wish the quality of this picture of a picture was better.  But we don't have a scanner and it's my favorite picture of him so it's good enough.  My dad's dad was a photographer and would constantly use his kids as subjects and my dad hated it.  So he was usually behind the camera when we were growing up, resulting in not a lot of pictures of my dad.  Anywho, 15 reasons why you were the best Dad for me!

1.  You were So patient while helping me with my math homework.
2.  You taught me how to surf.
3.  Shoe shine Joe?
4.  I loved it when you would tell me your childhood memories.
5.  You could turn your pidgin on and off.
6.  You gave more service to others than anybody else I knew.
7.  You worked SO hard for your family.
8.  You could only make saimin and toast.
9.  You had the cutest crooked smile!
10.You laughed out loud with me while watching South Park.
11.You would go watch scary movies by yourself and introduced us to Endless Summer.
12.You loved Aunty Donna.
13.You repeatedly played that song that had a motorcycle in the beginning and had a fun taste in music.
14.You thought mom was "the cat's meow."
15.You would and did everything for your daughters!

I love and miss you dad!  I'm so grateful to know that I'll see you again someday.  Even though your not here I want to wish you a Happy Father's Day!

Kurtis James Reynolds

My Kurty!  I don't know if I have to do anymore convincing on why your the best husband for me, but I'm going to share why your the best dad for Drew and Brody.

1.  You can carry them both at the same time.
2.  You work SO hard for us.
3.  You won't cut Drew's hair, but will hawk Brody's.
4.  You love to make them laugh.
5.  You love to make them cry.
6.  You're willing to take care of them even after only getting two hours of sleep.
7.  You'll take both of them to the store with you, willingly.
8.  You let them drink from your cup.
9.  You catch fish for them.
10.You're really patient with them.
11.You love doing fun activities or playing fun games with them.
12.You'll hold Brody during Elder's Quorum.
13.You give Drew your attention.
14.You find it funny when they do something really bad.
15.You want them to have more siblings.

This list could go on for forever.  I'm so grateful for you Kurt and I know the kids are grateful for their Daddy.  You're the best Daddy for them!  Happy Father's Day and I love you!


Stewart Family said...

that is a really sweet post. happy fathers day kurt!

Kathryn said...

We don't know anybody more humble and without guile than your cute dad. Happy Father's Day up there, Gene! :)
(you too Kurt)...

lyle & julia said...

I love your dad too!! He was always so fun and so happy...just like the rest of you guys :) That would be so fun if you guys were still in Kailua when we get there...and happy fathers day Kurt!

Taylor & Leah Stimmel said...

You made me cry. I guess you got me back for the "water works" log I posted.
Kurt - You really are a great dad!! It's fun watching you with your kids, they definitely adore you!
Happy Father's Day!

Erin and James said...

that pic of your hubby creeps me out! you totally look like your dad, but feminine of course! so cute! great great men!

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