Tom Boy In The Making

On Monday for Family Home Evening we went to our niece, Kiley's clogging recital.  Before the show began Drew and Brody would not shut up!  They were SO excited to see Kiley perform.  There were three different ages and groups that took turns performing.  When Kiley's group went up for the second time Drew exclaimed, "Not again!"  Haha!  After they clogged, they showed a slide show of all the girls and every picture that went up Brody would say, "Kiley!"  I think it was because they all looked alike.  It was really cute and fun to watch Kiley dance.  I had taken Drew to a couple of Mommy and Me dance classes to see if she liked it and after getting bored of dancing for five minutes, and bored of watching girls clogg for five mintues, I think she's more of a sports girl.  I think Kurt thought the same thing because during the recital Kurt leaned over to me and mouthed, " Soccer!"


Williams Family said...

I didn't know people still clogged. lol. Thats pretty cool. Hope Drew has fun with Soccer.

Stephanie Yamashita said...


Yeah...soccer is the bomb!

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