Kurty Bird

Right now Kurt is working at Turtle Bay resort and spa.  He is a security guard on the night shift.  It's too bad that he loves his job because I'm sick of it.  He's been working on the night shift almost as long as we've been married which will be six years this September.  There is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Kurt is to be done with school this April and walks in June.  As Chevy Chase says in Christmas Vacation, Hallelujah!  I had to ask if this picture was alright to post because since it's been taken Kurt has lost 30 lbs.  We've been doing a workout called P90X for our friends senior project.  Our workout consists of different workouts ranging from weightlifting to yoga.If you want a fun workout that kicks you to the curb we'd highly recommend it.


GMAN said...

Hey it was good to see you guys tonight and I was looking at your past blogs about that workout you did for your friend's senior project and I was wondering what it was and if you all bought it, basically some details about it? Let us know, thanks.

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