Ode to D and E

We spent all morning playing with our friends from D and E buildings.  After filling their bellies with chicken nuggets Drew and Brody crashed.

After nap time the kids and I went back to  D and E building where they played in the water sprinklers.  Drew was so proud of herself in these sunglasses.

Brody had so much fun in the water.  The sprinklers were spraying him like crazy while he was siting in a big puddle of water, but he loved it!


Taylor & Leah Stimmel said...

I am so glad D & E can be here for you!!! But lets make it one better... How about you become one of the D-Crew!!! PRETTY PLEASE!!! Sure your apartment building is brand new with an amazing bathroom - a huge mirror, closet doors and a nice kitchen but is that really worth the "old charm" of our 1960's building that comes with great friends who will bug you incessantly.
Just think how much you will miss the bugging of your English speaking neighbors when you are in Korea.
Thats my best argument... Wait I got one more... I'll cook for you!

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