Easter Egg Hunt

TVA had an Easter egg hunt for all the kids.  Brody did so good.  He saw this yellow egg and put it in his basket.  Of course after his first egg he lost interest in finding others, and sat and played with it.

There was a 3-5 egg limit.  I think Drew exceeded that.  She had so much fun collecting her eggs.  Last year we had to teach her to collect the eggs instead of getting one then opening it and forgetting the rest.  I think she learned her lesson. 

Drew was nice enough to give Brody, and other kids, some of her eggs.

Daddy and Brody.

The freak that I am, woke my kids up early so they could be on time for the hunt.  They both look so tired here.  It was worth it though, they both had really long naps afterward!


.Ang. said...

Hooray for naps and easter!

Sugar high= Sugar Low= Super nap!!!

cake said...

Hey Noelle! I'm so happy I found you. Now, I can see Drew and Brody more often! Drew's hair is so long, and my gosh Brody is already one? I remember your baby shower and it seemed like it wasn't that long ago. Happy Easters guys!!!

Tara said...

hey thats awesome that you guys have a blog! now we can keep in touch!

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