The Joys of Parenthood

Today the BYUH 12th and 14th ward primary and nursery had an Easter activity.  The kids painted Easter baskets.

Then they played water games.  Drew was so excited to get a water balloon.

They also had a relay game where they walked with an egg on a spoon.  Drew walked so, so, slow so she wouldn't drop it.

Isn't she so sweet in this picture?  No more than 30 min. after this picture was taken she crapped her pants.  My back was towards her when someone said Drew had her pants down.  We all turned to see and right at that moment she squeezed out some juicy poop right on the concrete where all the kids were playing.  Thank goodness there were other parents there to help.  When I'm in situations like that I get so overwhelmed I don't know where to start.  Angie worded it perfectly when she said, "Kids are so unpredictable."    


Erin and James said...

so hillarious! I was laughing so hard. the one downfall of being a parent...the poo accidents!

theJorgies said...

that is SO funny!! I'm so scared to potty-train Addi ... I know she's going to humiliate me in WalMart right there in the shampoo isle.

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