Seminary Graduation

I have to say congratulations to my sister Cherie (sure-ree) not Sherry, it's French look it up, for graduating from seminary.  For all of those people who had seminary tact on to your school schedule you had it made!  In Hawaii we have what we call "early morning seminary."  High school students have to wake up at a 5:30 am, earlier depending how sane you are and what school you go to, to get to seminary by 6:00 am.  It's really not the easiest thing in the world.  All my sister's did a much better job at attending seminary than I did.  I barely graduated and I was the class president.  I had to do 116 make up worksheets for all the day's I missed.  You did it the smart way Cherie and you got through it.  Can you believe it?  Sleep now, shhhh, rest that noggin' because you've sure lacked in the beauty department!  Ha!  Anything but!  Congrats again Cherie, we love you!


Melissa said...

you and your sisters are pretty people! Good job to your parents!;)

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