Bruises To Beaches

Brody, trying to put on Drew's sunglasses.

We were supposed to take family picture Wednesday May 14th.  Brody had had a nice blue bruise on his forehead for the past week and it cleared up just in time for pictures.  That morning Brody hit his forehead... twice in the same exact spot!  Needless to say we've postponed family pictures.  Check out Mark Holladay Photography!  

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Natasha Kai, a forward who's on the United States women's national soccer team and daughter of Uncle Benny from Drew's school, came to school today.  Uncle Benny's the one on the far left and Natasha's the one on the far right.  I'm the creepy stalker type not the outright no-shame type so I took a picture of her from far away rather than asking her to take a picture with me and getting an autograph like I wanted.  You may not have guessed but I'm actually a fan of soccer.  I could watch it for hours.  I cannot wait for the Beijing Olympics.

This picture is funky because my camera is messed up.  It was bright pink before I made some changes.  Anyways Kurt's been spearfishing the past three days.  Our house smells sick nasty!  This is a preview of Kurt's blog.  Check it out here.

After school and after spearfishing we went to Hukilau with the Stimmel's and Boyd's.  Here is Ella sporting of her pink sunglasses, Old Navy swimsuit, a little off-the-shoulder action and her matching hat. 

Next we have Jacob with the short's-on-the-head, court jester look, and a green binky to match.
Look at that smile!

Brody trying to make it out to the Iosepa.

Drew and Seth did this all on their own.

Look at this attitude.


lyle & julia said...

so i think that we need to get kurt and lyle together because they would be such good friends...lyle loves spear fishing and they both served in Korea...actually that is all i know that they have in common but hey its good enough for me ;)

Andrea Tyler said...

That is a pretty cute picture of Drew and BF. So yea Ben totally said that out of the blue and I was like "what"! He is so cute why would you want to do that...I guess its a guy thing. Actually I totally craked up but you know...I like Kurts blog. Ben is going to be soooo jealous of those pictures! He really wanted to get into spear fishing. When are you guys leaving?? We need to talk!

Williams Family said...

I love this picture of drew and seth. That is so cute.

Stewart Family said...

Looks like you guys are living the good life :o) Glad to see you guys are enjoying lots of Hawaii stuff before Korea!

Andrea Tyler said...

How is your blog so much wider than mine?? You get stuff on both sides of your blog...HOW!

Reynolds said...

scroll to the very bottom of my page and you'll see a link to make your template 3 columns. I had to edit my html to make it 3 columns.

Erin and James said...

what a fun day! cute pics of the kids. Holy fish...those things were huge!

Melissa said...

you found a different photographer! interesting, I'll have to take a look see.
Also when did Natasia Kai come to class? I missed that one. shoot.

holy toledo that fish is ginormous.

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