Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun

After Ella's birthday party on Saturday May 17th the guys went Kayaking to some rope swings in Kahana Bay and up the river.  When they got home they were nice enough to watch the kids so Mary, Leah, Angie and I  could have a girls night out.
Tuesday May 20th Mike and Angie Wynes watched our kids so Kurt and I could go on a day date.  We went snorkeling at Shark's Cove.  We had so much fun!

Swimming through the caves

 After our date we me up with the Stimmel's, Wynes',  Low's, and Boyd's at Kahana Bay where we all go to go on the rope swing. We had a blast!!  We owe a big thanks to our photographer Angie Wynes for alway remembering her camera!  I wanted to post all 200+ pictures but decided on the ones that had us as the subject so as not to spotlight anybody who didn't want to be spotlighted.

We all had too much fun!


Erin and James said...

that was such a great day seriously!

.Ang. said...

Looks like you guys had ALOT of fun snorkeling!!!! And next time i watch the kids maybe i WON"T push them on the swings..

It sucks feeling so motion sick when everyone else is having so much fun swinging around....

Ohhhh, i'm feeling sick just thinking about it!!!

...are we still on for tomorrow?

I heard you hurt your finger playing dodgeball...

hope your feeling alright!

Cari said...

oh man. your weekly beach pictures make me miss hawaii so much! the snorkeling looks beautiful. i love the turtle picture. :)

Stewart Family said...

Looks like sooo much fun! I am with Cari, your beach pictures make me so homesick!! I wish we could just go to the beach and swim. I love the pictures of the rope swing. Looks like a great week !!

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