Happy Birthday Gabriella!

Saturday May 17th the Stimmel's, Wynes', Boyd's, and us went to the zoo for Ella's 2nd birthday.  As you can see on Ella's face she and everybody else had a blast!

L-R: Mike, Shane, and Taylor had eachother's kids, L-R: Seth, Adi, and Brylie, on their necks.  Scoot each kid to our right and they would be on the right dad.

Galapagos Tortoise

If you have not heard the Adi and the Koi pond story read here first.
So she was doing pretty good with the water surrounding her like this.

And then she saw the man eating Koi fish and freaked out.  Can you blame her?  Traumatized I tell you!  Traumatized...

We had a ton of fun that entire Saturday!  We hope you have a happy birthday Ella Bean!


Melissa said...

"Traumatized I tell you". haha- you crak me up!

Leah said...

I was so excited to see these pics. I didn't even know you took the ones of Tay and Adi. Thanks for sharing! Sorry to everyone who is going to have to see them twice when they check my blog.

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