Alligator Pond

Thursday May 1st we went to Alligator Pond as a family.  This is Kurt getting eaten by the Alligator.

Drew jumping off the head.

This is a great beach for kids.  When it's low tide there are all these tide pools that the kids can play in.  They had a ton of fun looking at the fish and finding shells and rocks.


theJorgies said...

I'm so glad y'all went there. Isn't it a blast! Addi just adores alligator pond. Let us know next time you go ... maybe we can join.

and I love your pics! especially the one looking up at Drew from one of the pools in the rock. beautimous

Andrea Tyler said...

I am glad that kurt is still alive that alligator looks like a big one! That looks like so much fun. Drew is getting so big I can't belive it!

Melissa said...

love that place, it is sooo fun at low tide! your pictures are too cute!!
I love how brave Drew is--she could teach Kaiya a thing or two.:)

Erin and James said...

is that in hauula?

Reynolds said...

It's like, in between Hau'ula and Laie. It's to the far right of Kokololio Beach park where they always have those crazy ward camps or birthday parties. To the far right it's called Kekela's... I think. It's the Laie version of Lanikai. We love it there!

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