Happy MayTAG Day

So I've been tagged by my friend Stefani Jorgensen.  Here are six random things about me that I thought you might think "Hmm...yeah she's a lot weirder than I thought," so here we go!

This is me 7 months pregnant.  After posting my P90X pictures I got people wanting to see pregnant pictures of me.  So I thought I'd let everyone know that I had Drew without an epidural.  "All naturaal baby!"  

Kurt thought this would be a good one.  For those of you who don't know, because I make it pretty clear, I CANNOT share drinks with anybody but Kurt.  I'm actually getting better and I've let Drew and Brody take a little sip once or twice since they've been born, but other than that nada!  Also little kids touching or grabbing my food off my plate, or sharing forks, I'm pretty much a verminophobic. (fear of germs)  Even washing the dishes I have to wash them a certain way or turn my head when Kurt's washing them.  Yeah, I told you I'm crazy!

On the lighter side Kurt and I love to scare kids, even adults, on Halloween!  This is Kurt suspended in the air at my mom's house, a couple Halloween's ago.  People would have to come and take candy from him.  He sat so still people didn't know if he was a dummy or real.  Actually the kids weren't even that scared, it was the parents or adults that were terrified.  So people would cautiously come up and take candy from him.  Then when they "realized" it was a dummy they would poke him or check him out saying "Wow he looks so real" or "Man your dumb for being scared, it's fake," to his friends.  We even had one braddah put his arm around Kurt and take a picture with him.  Then Kurt would make the slightest movement and a little moan, and scare the crap out of everyone!  It was hilarious!  The braddah was the best;  I think he jumped 3 feet off the ground.

Wal-Mart®4set.jpg (11321 bytes)

This is one of our favorites.  Kurt had gotten off his mission a month ago and I was waiting for film to develop at Walmart in Cedar City, Utah, when he approached me and asked if I worked there.  I was kinda irritated that this cute guy thought I worked there.  He asked where he could find a product and I pointed to the aisle but reminded him that I didn't work here.  I moved to the movie section and he followed asking if a movie had come out on DVD yet.  I was thinking what is this guys problem.  Then he introduced his ugly friend to me and I thought, oh yeah just my luck.  He wants to set me up with his short ugly friend.  Then he asked what I liked to do in Cedar, and then I got it.  We exchanged numbers and two days later we went on our first date.  Then our second date, four days after we had met, we had our first kiss in the Taco Bell parking lot.  Good times!

Spice Girls 'Won't Perform For Nelson Mandela'
Not weird enough for you?  Did you know that I love the Spice Girls?  Yup.  Actually, my mom, three sisters and a friend and I, all flew to Las Vegas just for the Spice Girls reunion tour.  May I just add that they were AWESOME!

About Us Image
Last but not least, I want to invite everyone to boycott the Family Dollar, with me.  If you have a Family Dollar by you I encourage you to not give them your business.  They are rude, they don't accept perfectly fine beginners checks from the bank, and at the time they didn't accept cards.  All of this you find out after you go shopping, wait in line, and use every payment method they don't accept, while people wait their turn behind you.  Then because you don't have cash on you and they were rude, you promise them you won't ever go back there again.  THEN, they purposely withhold your I.D., from when you tried to pay with a perfectly fine check, so you have to go BACK IN and get it.  And when you send in some else to get it, because you told her you would never go back there, the sales lady says something like "I knew she would have to come back."  But HA!  I didn't, someone else did for me.  That's what's going to happen to you if you shop there.  And seriously, their prices are more expensive than Walmart.  I know people boycott Walmart, but at least they accepts all forms of payment and pretend to have good customer service.  So in short, I boycott the Family Dollar!

So I hope I didn't scare any of you away from me.  This was a ton of fun and I want to tag:  Polly, Andrea, Leah, Cami, Erin, and last MICHAEL WYNES!


.Ang. said...

I like how you tagged mike.

he probably won't add this in his post BUT he loves the spice girls too! He used to be in love with Ginger. ahha

Like we are talking a journal that he wrote in talking about how he was going to marry her.

He probably wouldn't like me talking about this though so we better keep this between us. ;)

This was a fun one!! things i never knew!

oh i still have that thing for you. I'll drop it off sometime SOOON!!


Patrick and Crystal said...

Wow, you are wierd. Just kidding! And you look so cute pregnant. I think I was uglier than I've ever been when I was pregnant. And thanks to your story I will never go to a family dollar if ever I were tempted. That's horrid that they were so rude!

Reynolds said...

Oh, good! I was hoping it wasn't something perishable that I could only get that one night. Very excited!

lyle & julia said...

way to have Drew all natural!! I could never do that :)

theJorgies said...

hilarious! I SO was going to tag Ang AND Mike but then I thought, "Hm, maybe that's weird to tag a guy....I'll just do Ang." Way to go.

And I'm gonna have to seriously consider where we stand after the whole Spice Girls thing .... :)

Jones Family said...

I just love you more now, it is fun to learn things about people, I guess we are pretty good friends because I already knew everything about you accept boycotting the family dollar which if I was treated like that I would do the same thing, I have never been there, and now I will never go, thanks for saving me!!!

iMaLLheaRt said...

I love the Spice Girls too! I love that you got to go to their reunion tour!

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