Fun Week

Sunday May 4th as I was talking to my sister on the phone I didn't notice that these little rug rats had gone in the fridge and gotten into the candy.  I don't know how it happened but it was as if Drew had broken the bar in half and given one piece to herself and one to Brody.

Drew dressed up as a hula dancer at school.  I love that she loves to play "dress up."

We had our friend Mike Rasmussen come visit us this week. When he was here we went to Waimea where Mike could get his fill of the sun and water before he had to go back to Texas.  The Ramussen's used to live in TVA and before they left, Uncle Mike was her favorite person in the world.  I wasn't sure how she would react when he came back but it was as if he had never left.  She still preferred Uncle Mike to everyone.  It was good seeing you Mike and we hope to see you, Laura, Jonah, and Ryker before we move!


Mike, Cari, and Kayla said...

you always take such cute pictures noelle! i love the one of drew and brody eating the chocolate, that is so cute that after finding it, drew shared half of it with brody too! :)

Erin and James said...

at least drew is sharing with brody! that is awfully nice of her!

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