The Fun's Gotta End Sometime


Tuesday May 20th Kurt and I played intramural dodgeball.  We were unstoppable!  Our team was awesome and consisted of Taylor Stimmel, Shane Boyd, Russ and Christy, and us.  Unfortunately a member of the other team had a date at 9:00 so we had to postpone our championship game until Thursday.  Thursday rolls around and Kurt decides he's too seasick, from spear fishing for five hours that morning, to play our final game of dodgeball.  We had to play short one person.  This is the result.  I didn't get my hands fully underneath the ball that was being whirled at me and it hit my finger straight on.

When I noticed the shape of my finger after being hit I pulled on it twice trying to straighten it.  Then I had Taylor pull on it and it still was crooked.  Poor Taylor took off half of the skin on his hand as he skidded on the floor fighting for the ball and Shane hurt his shoulder from the Tuesday before when he had to do a tuck-and-roll to catch a ball.  After the game Shane drove me home because I felt too sick to my stomach to drive.  He and Kurt convinced me that I had to let someone pull on it as hard as they could.  Shane gave me a spatula to bite down on before he held me down and Kurt yanked.  I wanted to vomit and felt like fainting at the same time.  After much deliberation we decided to go to the E.R.  A BIG thank you to Shane and Mary Boyd for watching our kids from 9-11 pm.
Now for those of you who have been to Kahuku Hospital, it's a bit scary.  Before we left we were joking with the Boyd's saying that the janitor was probably the x-ray technician.  We weren't that far off.  After taking three pictures of my finger, without a lead vest, did he ask if I was pregnant or had a chance of being pregnant.  I don't know.  Maybe it's just me but I thought your supposed to ask those kinds of questions BEFORE the x-ray.  For a split second I thought of saying "yes" just to see the sweat trickle from his forehead.  But my body was in too much pain from the awkward positions he put my hand in, so I didn't.

Even though the janitor/technician was freaky-scary, and the hospital reminded me of something in a horror movie, it was a good thing I went in.  If you can see there's a chunk of bone that broke off from my ring finger on my left hand.  The E.R. Dr. said that there's a chance that I might have to get a screw to attach the two pieces of bone back together.  I had wanted to break my finger so that I hadn't come to the hospital for nothing, I know crazy right?  But now I was nervous with the idea of surgery.  The break had a specific name which I can't remember but it's where there's so much pressure on the tendons that it breaks your bone.  I guess I shouldn't complain.  The guy in the bed next to me, behind the curtain had it worse.  He had cellulitis on his leg and it must've been so bad that they had to put a catheter in and give him crutches.  When you are in the E.R. although you cannot see what's going on you can hear what's going on.  
Kudos to you cellulitis boy!

This is what my hand looked like after the nurse wrapped it in the E.R.

This is what it looks like after the visit with my Doc and what it's going to look like for the next six weeks.  After checking the x-rays he said that it would probably be worse if I got a pin in it.  I would have bad arthritis if I got a pin in it but if I didn't get it screwed then it will most likely never reattach.  
I'm really sick of physical pain and agony.  So far in my entire life I have broken my collarbone on a see-saw, my pinky playing basketball, my arm and dislocated my elbow falling out of a tree and now my ring finger.  My doctor told me today, "Didn't you know mom's aren't supposed to have any fun?"  I know he was joking but I felt the truth in it when he was putting my finger in it's plastic splint and I had to lay down before I fainted from the pain.  After everything, after all this we lost to a bunch of lilies!  
I blame Kurt.


The Waldon Family said...

Noelle, that is horrible! You are amazing for being so positive, I laughed at the very end when you blamed Kurt. Wish we were there to make you guys dinner or something!!

iMaLLheaRt said...

OUCH! MY finger hurts for you! I hope you figure out the best way to have your finger heal! Man, that stinks! Well get well soon!! I suggest no more dodgeball for awhile sista! ;D

Stewart Family said...

Oh man!! That hurts! I love the story about Kahuku Hospital, so funny!! My sister was actually born there because they were the only hospital that would let my dad be in there with my mom. They have some great stories about that place! Very crazy. Glad that you guys were rocking until the accident :o) Good luck with the healing.

Andrea Tyler said...

Looks like it HURTS!! Ouch. Nice picture too!

lyle & julia said...

oh you poor thing!!

theJorgies said...

wow ... you're my hero. wanna go to the beach this week?

Patrick and Crystal said...

Yikes Noelle that sounds so horrible! And Kahuku hospital really does belong in a horror movie! I hope you're feeling better!

Erin Low said...

i heard about that! poor thing! Way to go for it though and be intense! Hope you are feeling better now. Shane told us they were all trying to move it and "set it" and that probably made it worse...um duh

Anonymous said...

Okay I hope you share with Drew's class the X-ray of your finger. Dat looks sharp, Noelle but I hope you are Okay and feel a lot better by now. God Bless.

Aloha, Dina

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