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Happy Mother's Day mom!
It's really too bad that we chose only one day to appreciate the person that gave birth to us, clothed and fed us, took care of us when we're sick, and really molded us into the person that we are today.  Here are 11 reason's, because it's May 11th, why you were the perfect mom for me!
  1.  Whenever I was sick you would choose a movie for me
  2.  You never made me clean my room
  3.  You called Uncle Bud to see how much a horse cost
  4.  You surprised me on my 18th birthday by flying out to Cedar to see me
  5.  You did that music video to Straight Up in Disneyland
  6.  You always take us out to eat on our birthday's
  7.  You let me quit the art lessons that I begged you put me in, after the second class
  8.  You never gave me a curfew
  9.  You make the best pancakes with it gooey in the middle, lots of butter and powdered sugar
  10.  You always came to our soccer games
  11.  I could hear you cheer the loudest at the P.E. Meet

I love you mom!  Thank you for all that you do and all that you have done for me.  I hope I can be as fun-loving towards my kids as you are to me.


Kathryn said...

Your mom is one fun mom!! She really called Uncle Bud about a horse? :) Cute.
(I remember picking up Heather and Cari from sleeping over at your house and getting to eat some of those pancakes. I Still Remember Them... They ARE the best!!)

lyle & julia said...

your mom is pretty dang great!! I had a hard time figuring out the title...tells you how clever i am ;)

The Waldon Family said...

Haha! It took me more than one trip to your blog to figure out this post's title, you are funny Noelle. I also liked reading your perfect mom reasons!!

Andrea Tyler said...

Dito on your mom being awesome!! She was a great stepmom to Ben and I.

Anonymous said...

you forgot to mention you wouldn't talk to mom for a week when she didin't get you the horse! haha

Anonymous said...

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