These are pictures of Drew and Brody both at their one year birthday.  Drew has more feminine eyes and a "Strong" chin (my mothers maiden name) but besides that I've never realized how much they look alike.  Of course I'm always the person who gets it wrong and thinks the child looks like the person they least resemble.  
What do you think?


Mike, Cari, and Kayla said...

wow! they look a ton alike! same little mouth, dimple and face shape! what a darling picture of drew!..brody too of course! :)

Nate, Kim, Lili and Baby Nate said...

It's funny how everyone thinks your kids look like someone else. :) I can't believe the similarities. I also can't believe how short Drew's hair is at one, how did it get so long? I'm jealous of her hair.

theJorgies said...

Yep, sure do look alike.

I think we should hang out ... I haven't seen y'all (being you and your wee ones) in a while. My mom-in-law leaves Wed. night so I'm sure my free time will increase exponentially then.

Also, I noticed you have CAKE on your music-playing thingamajigger. I LOVE CAKE! (and few do, or have even heard of them) especially the particular song "Frank Sinatra" which oft plays on your blog. Just wanted you to know that we have that in common. :)

And this comment is now officially too long. Bye.

lyle & julia said...

they definitely look a ton alike but it is funny cause I think Drew totally takes after you and Brody after Kurt...but you can't deny the strong resemblance!

Stewart Family said...

So cute! They really look a lot alike, but I agree with Julia. Drew looks like you and Brody like Kurt.

Erin and James said...

wow. they totally look alike. loking at them now i wouldn't think that probabl the difference in skin color...but these pics makes them look sooo close! at least when i look and them i see peices of both you and your husband!

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