I {heart} New York

As soon as Kurt and his group arrived in New York they took a shuttle to the Grand Central Station.  From there they took their train to the YMCA where the stayed.

The only thing Kurt wanted to do when he found out he was going to New York was to get a hotdog from one of these street vendors.  He was so excited!

The inside of the U.N.  How neat is that, that Kurt got to go here.

The outside of St. Patricks Cathedral.

I just love this picture.  Its got the Broadway and Big Apple signs.

The New York Temple.  Their group was supposed to go to the temple while they were here but they ran out of time.  At least they got to see it from the street.


Holladay Photo said...

We love NYC, that is were Ruby was born.

Mike, Cari, and Kayla said...

what a fun trip!! thanks for sharing all the pictures! i'm glad you have your husband and your computer back now though noelle! :)

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