The Longest Post In History

Today we went to Lanikai Beach in Kailua.

Then we went back to my mom's house and swam in her pool.

Drew was being so brave and having fun jumping in the pool all by herself with her floaty around her.

Yes I cut my hair.

I promise she had fun doing this.

Then my sister Cherie went to prom.  Isn't she hot?  Her boyfriend Keenan was helping Kailua High school get to the OIA Championship baseball game while I took these pics.  They met up after, and went to Senior Prom fashionably late.

I love you Cherie!  I hope you had fun!


Andrea Tyler said...

woowoo Cherie, Hot mama! We wish we were there playing with you guys!!!! SOOO BAD!!!! That video clip was hilarious. She is one little dare devil...I wonder what Brody is gonna be like?? You should get him a MOM tattoo for christmas. We miss you guys.

Stewart Family said...

So fun! Noelle I love the hair, it looks awesome! I want to go to the beach!!

Cherie looking good :o) It reminds me of us going to our prom. Remember everyone meeting up and taking pictures! Ahhh; the younger years :o)

Mike, Cari, and Kayla said...

cute pictures! we wish we were at lanikai beach too!! and noelle, your hair cut is darling!! :)

lyle & julia said...

your hair is so fun!! It really matches you!!! And Cherie looks great...tell her i had to do the same thing with my senior prom...they really should work out the OIA schedule better ;)

iMaLLheaRt said...

I like that dress! Wow, I wish I had a pool! It looks like we should try to bring Aaron to a pool first and then try the big vast ocean!! haha!

Williams Family said...

I love the haircut! Its so cute. and that family picture is awesome, everyone looking good! Cherie looks so pretty! I hope she had fun!

theJorgies said...

I love the video clip! That is so something Case would do with Addi. And I love the hair!

Keiko said...

I love your hair!

Erin and James said...

is she using boob tape? I love it!

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