Dieting, or Starving, Your Call

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So I was reading a book the other day called Ines of My Soul.  I was bored out of my mind.  I got to page 79 and realized, Yah know, I don't have to keep reading.  It wasn't nearly as hard for me to put it down as I thought It would be.  I've only done it one other time and Moby Dick still lurks at me from the bookshelf.  I hate not finishing a book.  I needed to find one that would put Ines from my mind.  Rebecca, Desiree, Falling Leaves, Saving Fish From Drowning, and a couple more that my mom lent me were suggesting themselves to me.  Then I got a whiff of Twilight.  No, I told myself.  This would be the third time I've read it.  Try something new.  I searched over the other books again, but Twilight smelled so tantalizing.  So I picked it up at 7:30 am and didn't put New Moon down till 3:00 am.  Let me tell you, it's my new diet.  It lasts give or take a week, usually take, and you read non stop.  Of course you stop to get the kids dressed, fed, and play with them, thats the exercise part.  But you don't eat for the most part.  Nope. When you're not reading, you're thinking about it to much to feel any hunger pains.  You do get a little dizzy when you stand up, but it will pass.  I swear, it's the fastest way to shed the pounds.

What is wrong with me?  I thought the anxiety, of what happens next would be nil since I've read it before.  It's exactly the same; Like a present on Christmas.  It's almost better because I'm paying attention to the finer details.  Things I missed the first time because I was in too much of a rush to find out what happened next.  Plus since I've read it before I can actually put it down and take care of my family.  Something I was totally incapable of doing last time.  Please someone diagnose me!


Leah said...

Your hilarious! OK - SO I seem to have found the opposite true for me. I sit down to start reading and immediately I think... 'OREOS!'I go get my glass of milk and the bag and sit down to read. I'm so into the book that I don't notice how much I have eaten... one row , two. Oh crud I start thinking, thats got to be a lot of calories, check the back of the box - ummm yep. 170 calories in 2 double stuff mint cookies. OK - I think, how many did you eat? Well how many are in a row? And I start doubling and doubling and doubling the number. Reading may be my enemy! I have 20 pounds to still loose and it will not be coming off taking in calories at the rate I have been. Whats a girl to do? You found your diet, I found myself a glutton. You can't afford to loose wait and I can't afford to gain any. Were a sorry pair.

Erin and James said...

oh my gosh noelle! you are hillarious. ok i have some books for you probably. i will bring them over asap! you need something new and exciting to hold you over until august when the next book comes out. or seriously come to my house. i have a bookstore of books still waiitng to be read!

lyle & julia said...

I wish I could help but i have to admit i have the same exact problem...i am tempted to throw out the books just so that I don't get hooked on reading them again ;) except i never could ;) I am almost scared of the fourth one coming out...who knows what i will do :)

Stewart Family said...

So fun! I love a good book :o) It is true though you just can't do anything until it is done. Sean always rolls his eyes when I get out a new book. I call Sylvia when I need new suggestions! (Have you read Howls Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones) Just in case you need a new one. It is good :o) We miss you guys!!

Williams Family said...

Ohmygosh, I so agree. And the 4ths and last =( book in the series comes out August 2nd. Just incase you hadnt heard yet. I have read them about 40 times, but I cant seem to lose the weight. lool, I wish i had your problem!

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