Beggars Can't Be Choosers

Kurt was supposed to come home Sunday April 6th at 3:00 pm.  It turned out his flight from NY to Georgia was delayed which made them miss their connecting flight from GA to Hawaii.  The next available flight out wasn't until Tuesday April 8th at 3:00pm.  They we're stuck in Georgia with no place to stay.  Can you believe that United wouldn't get them a place to stay?  So they called the local LDS Bishop who came with two other ward families and took them in.  Its so great to know that members of the church have at least one thing in common.  No matter where you're from.  So this is the Bishops house.  He's a cardiologist that lives in this gorgeous community where its a rule you have to have 2 acres in between two houses.

The bishop said they get a lot of deer and other wild life, that come down to their property.

Atlanta was voted the most dangerous city a few years ago.  I could live here.

The families that they were staying with lent the group their extra cars for the day.  With the GPS system the went sight seeing without getting lost.

As they were walking down the street Kurt gave a $1 to a homeless guy.  The Hobo then proceeded to pressure Kurt for more money.  Kurt said no and the Hobo got mad saying,"Man do you know how long it takes to walk up and down the street asking for money?"  The man turned and walked off mad that Kurt only gave him a dollar.  No less than 3o sec. later 5 more hobos one right after the other tried to get molah from Kurt.  

Braves' Stadium

The Coke Factory!

They went to see a 4D movie at the coke factory.  Yeah, a 4D movie.  They add touch and smell.  So they could smell flowers when they saw it and got a poke in the back when a bee stung them.

Another awesome door.  One of the other families that they stayed with imported this door from Venice, Italy from an old monastery.  They went to this families house to have FHE on Monday night.  I love the fact that they still had Family Home Evening when it could've easily been skipped due to the circumstances.

So Its great to have Kurt finally back.  Although he caught something awful when he was in NY.  He is pathetically sick.  Now instead of having 2 parents 2 kids, I feel like its 1 parent 3 kids.  Not to mention we have our white glove tonight which means I'm the only one who will be cleaning.  I'm not sure if we'll pass but oh well.  What do you do?


lyle & julia said...

oh wow...what a blessing came from something that could have been really awful...and sucks that Kurt is sick...men really are such babies when they are sick...i guess women are too but there isn't really anyone to take care of them ;)

Holladay Photo said...

mahalos for the comment on my blog! you guys have a very cool blog- lots of great pics.

Erin and James said...

james would totally love to live where that bishop lives. im so jealous of your hubby. i say all us girls take a trip there this fall!

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